Using Cork Flooring in the Basement

Posted by articlelink01 on May 14th, 2015

Having good flooring for a basement is not easy. The basement is a very sensitive area of a building that needs different concerns from the main building. There are environmental and natural elements of a basement. For example, it is very common for most basements to have relatively high humidity or moisture. In turn you are likely to encounter mildews and moulds. The best basement flooring therefore has a consideration of just how basements should be handled. So long as you are looking for an option which is not concrete then cork flooring is the right idea for your basement.

Why cork flooring might not work for you

Before we delve into the reasons why cork flooring is the best option for you let’s consider issues which will not make cork the best basement flooring option. Any floor has its sets of issues which ought to be addressed. So long as your basement is not leveled well then you don’t need cork flooring. Cork is made in such a way that it can’t be applied easily in a rugged floor as it won’t be laid well. If you have running water or sewage in your basement you will not need cork as well. Even though it is moisture resistant running water damages cork quickly than any other destructive agent.

Relief for pains

Having good flooring in your basement is a relief for joint pains. Most people might not know it but when you step on hard surfaces quite often your joints get painful overtime. The root cause of the pains is the shock transmitted from your feet all the way up. Therefore, always ensure your basement floors are soft and can cushion you from the impacts. Cork flooring is the best and ensures your feet are healthy all the time. Considering how to relieve joint pain with cork flooring it provides a landing for your feet as it absorbs the shock. In turn your bones really don’t have to suffer effects of vibrations from the floor thereby keeping your feet free from pain.

Since cork is renewable, natural and eco-friendly using it for flooring will not be harming the environment in any way. In fact you will be applauded by the environmentalists. The natural aspects of cork make it ideal and best basement flooring solution. A relatively high humidity will not mess it up in any way. Mildews and molds will also be kept at bay. If your basement is a host to a lot of foot traffic cork is ideal to as it is flexible and can compress by up to half its size. A heavy overlying weight will therefore not be a negative factor. You can also have a garage in your basement and be assured of having a better floor.

In a nutshell cork is so durable and can last a lifetime. Most government buildings like educational centers, conference buildings, office facilities and libraries use cork flooring in the basements. It therefore makes the perfect composition of the best basement flooring option especially in the twentieth century where people are more concerned about longevity.

Want to know more about how to relieve joint pain with cork flooring with the best basement flooring? icorkfloor has it all lined up for you. There is a great deal of information which range from additional protection especially for basement flooring and other considerations. Visit the site for more information from experts.

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