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Posted by Samstores on May 14th, 2015

It would certainly be rare to find a home without a blender. This home appliance may in fact be considered a vital device in the home since it can have so many applications. It is because of the blender that we are able to have those delicious and nutritious smoothies, shakes, and other drinks. With the use of a blender, we are now able to come up with homemade tomato sauce, jams, butters, and other preparations. And of course do not forget baby food which is made more tasty and palatable with the use of a blender.

Indeed the value of a blender cannot be denied. Every home should have this appliance, with the model depending on the needs of the family. One can have the most number of functions or just a simple one that is mainly used in just blending and mixing regular food items. And of course there is the choice of whether having a 220 volt blender or the 110 volt blender.

220 Volt Blenders a Choice of Many Homes
While small appliances, which include the blender, have been traditionally made available in 110 volts, there is a growing trend towards the use of 220 volt blenders for home purposes. It is not even a surprise to see that most blenders available for sale are those using 220 volts. This may be understandable since 220 volt blenders may offer advantages to the homeowner in terms of cost effectiveness.

220 Volt Blender More Cost Effective
Without going into technical details about electricity, suffice it to say that at 220 volts instead of the traditional 110 volts, the 220 volt blender only uses up half the current to generate the same power. This in itself would mean more efficient use of power for the use of the blender.

Going further, the lower current used to operate the 220 volt blender means that there is less loss in terms of power in the wires used to provide current to the appliance. Using the traditional 110 volts would mean more wastage since the appliance would be drawing up the full current.

Another way of looking at it in terms of cost effectiveness would be in the use of wires. For the same loss experienced with the use of the 220 volt blender, your home can instead use the smaller wires which are definitely lower in cost. So when you take the savings into account, your home becomes more cost efficient.

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