The Next Generation Communication Wave - Unlocked GSM Smart phones

Posted by Samstores on May 14th, 2015

At the pace new models of unlocked GSM smart phones are introduced in the market, most likely your present model would be outdated even if it has been used for only a few months. Yes, it seems innovations in smart phones never cease and that companies are in some kind of a race to come up with the latest and most advanced model of smart phone.

While these smart phones still provide the basic need of communication, it is in the features where changes are happening at an amazing rate. As an example, the latest or next wave of unlocked GSM smart phones may carry these new features:

Enhanced Camera Capability
Already being used in some smart phones is a new camera feature that actually uses two cameras. One is a normal wide-angle imager while the other has a fixed telephoto lens that has the capability to magnify images to as much as three times. The use of these two cameras allows the production of a picture that is of the best quality, even allowing one to read the finest print from a distance. Many experts say that the result is a lot better than that produced by the latest digital camera.

Advanced Audio Features
This feature may be a response to complaints of an inferior audio quality while capturing videos. Sound quality may not be at its best, with the other disruptions or disturbances getting in the way. The new smart phones will be using a new chip that will allow processing of audio from a specific direction. This means that you can only choose to record sounds coming from the person you are focusing on. With the other distractions eliminated, the final audio quality would be at its highest.

May Work as Home PC
The latest smart phones may be used as a workstation for your computer, when connected to a monitor and a keyboard. These new gadgets carry so much power that they work perfectly well for your PC at a most efficient level. With its Wi-Fi capability, going online will not be a problem.

Could be Used as a Game Console
It is expected that the latest smart phones that will be available to the market will perform well as a game console. While this aspect had been a challenge to other smart phones before, it is anticipated that this will be resolved with the use of the latest processors in smart phones.

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