Buyers Guide for Travel Converters and Adapters

Posted by Samstores on May 14th, 2015

Especially for first-time travelers outside of the United States, it is very important to note that most countries would have different standards for their electrical requirements. While the United States and Canada use 110 volts for its power needs, most other countries including Mexico use 220-volt electricity.

In addition to this, another potential problem would be in the type of outlet found in other countries. Most likely, the plugs of electric appliances made in the United States will not fit those in other countries.

These are two problems that you as a traveler may encounter when making that trip. It would be to your advantage to prepare for these eventualities by bringing along the necessary devices. In this case, you would need a traveling converter and adapter.

What is a Traveling Converter?
Since other countries may be using 220 volts for their electricity while your device may function under 110-volt electricity, you have to be ready with a traveling converter. A converter changes the voltage to the proper electricity in the country so that your appliance or device may function properly. Without this, there may be too much or too little electricity which will not only hamper the operation of your device but may even cause damage or worse, a sort of explosion.

Important Reminders when Using a Converter
It is important to take note that a converter may only be used on electric appliances or those that run on mechanical motors. Examples of these are hair dryers, steam irons, heating pads, small fans, and electric blankets. For those considered as electronic appliances such as computers and televisions, you may have to use a transformer. As a reminder, never use a converter for more than three hours.

What is a Traveling Adapter?
A traveling adapter does not convert electricity but is important nonetheless since this allows you to plug in your appliances. It may be recalled that outlets in other countries differ from those in the United States and Canada. For sure, your existing plugs will not fit in those outlets so you have to bring along a traveling adapter.

Guidance in Using an Adapter
Unlike the converter, the wrong adapter will not cause any damage but can be very inconvenient since you may not be able to use your appliance. It is therefore vital to know your destinations and check before hand the type of outlets used in the country. Your supplier will be very helpful in this regard.

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