When and Why Should You Hire Lawyer for Religious Discrimination in LA

Posted by Marcus McGowan on March 23rd, 2021

When it comes to the workplace religious discrimination, treating employees differently on the basis of their religion, religious practices, and beliefs, or making changes in workplace rules or policies is noticed widespread in the US. This may also include treating employees in a different way because – they have a lack of religious faith or practice.

However, under federal law (Civil Rights Act of 1964) as well as state and local laws employers are prohibited from making discrimination against their employees based on their religion. So, if you suspect being discriminated against by your employer because of your religion, it’s time to consult an expert lawyer for religious discrimination LA without any delay. The legal professionals will evaluate your concern and will guide you with your options.

Types of Religious Discrimination

•    Treating employees discriminately because of their specific religious beliefs, and

•    Failing to accommodate their religious beliefs within company culture;  

In fact, the federal law not only protects individuals, who belong to the traditional religions like Christianity, Islam, and Buddhist or Jews but all others who honestly held certain religious, moral beliefs or customs.

Areas of discrimination   

Hiring / firing or Promotion: This kind of discrimination is most common in the workplace – as employers often reject job applicants or deprive of getting promotion or fire on the basis of their religious faith, or lacking in certain religious belief. For example, firing an employee found he/she is taking leave of the day to observe a religious event.

Harassment: Harassing employees because of their religion such as telling an employee that he/she is violating the dress code of the company, given that they wear their religious clothing like turbans, headscarves ( hijbas), or yarmulkes, or ridiculing employees; mocking a worker because of his or her strong, Christian beliefs; ridiculing a Muslim employee for saying ‘no’ to take pork at a company event.

Failure to Accommodate

According to the federal rule, it’s mandatory for employers to accommodate (accept) an employee’s religious practices or beliefs. For example, preventing a Jewish employee from observing the Sabbath, or taking leave or time off for prayer as well as forcing them to wear official dress code rather than their religious outfits.

Problems and Your Actions

Mind well that proving - you have been fired, stopped from getting a promotion or an incidence of failure to accommodation due to your religious belief is quite hard and needs good evidences. For example, you need to establish that the accommodation was requested – which is reasonable and you are denied. Ideally, under such circumstances, it would be wise to consult a lawyer for religious discrimination LA to know your steps to advance in the matter.

Needed Steps

If you consider that you are discriminated against due to your religion, first go ahead, and raise the issue directly to your HR or the employer regardless you have stopped from getting the most expected promotion with your needed performance record. Make sure that you make it in writing – as it will work as steady evidence.
If the employer doesn’t entertain your complaint, you can directly file a charge with the EEOC or with the state’s fair employment agency. If you want to make a lawsuit, work with a renowned lawyer for religion discrimination LA, after necessary research to handle the case on your behalf with specialized lawyers.

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