How to Look Stylish with Custom Winter Hat

Posted by cirquemtn on May 14th, 2015

Winter time is not the time to get bored in the house because of fear of getting wet or cold. There are different activities that you can engage in and have fun with some friends. You can go skiing in the mountains or snowboarding. If you plan to engage in these activities, you need to keep your body warm. You will therefore need a hat to cover your head.

The fact that it is cold does not mean that you should compromise on how you look. You can still look stylish and remain warm when engaging in different winter activities. A custom beanie is a must have because you can always order one with the colors of your choice. One of the ways to ensure that you look stylish with these beanies is to understand how to style your hair. Here are some tips to remember:

Wearing beanies with bangs

If you have bangs, the best way to wear a beanie is to push it slightly behind the bangs so that they remain exposed. For those with blond hair, go for a beanie hat that has one color or several cool colors. This will still bring attention to your hair and the beanie. For brunettes and other hair colors, bright colors look great.

Wearing a beanie hat with long hair

For those with long hair, you can always order a beanie or a custom winter hat that allows you to flaunt your hair. A stylish way to do this is to sweep the hair on one side. Beanies that have a pom on top look especially great for those with long hair.

Are you looking to rock braids during winter?

This is the perfect time to wear beanies. You can always part the braids and then wear the hat. If you would like to cover the hair completely, you can order a bigger beanie that allows you to tuck your hair. These are also great hats if you are having a bad hair day because they are able to cover your hair completely.

You do not have to purchase a beanie that is a size too big or maybe you do not fancy the colors. The best thing about this is that you have the chance to design a beanie before purchasing. If you would like a Logo Beanie With Pom, you can request the designer to put your logo on it. This can be a great option for a company that is looking to put a brand on the beanie and order many of these beanies for their clients, workers and stakeholders.

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