Why Use Services Of A Buyers Agent Sydney

Posted by chikarovskiproperty on May 14th, 2015

Are you considering hiring the services of Buyers Agent Sydney? Contrary to the common belief that services of Buyers Agent are too expensive, you will find them quite affordable and cost effective. It is possible to save a lot of money, time and energy by hiring the professionals. They offer services within the financial constraints of their customers. You can hire them in whatever budget you plan irrespective of the expertise and experience. Today all over the world people are found insisting on using the services of buyers agent to assist in the purchasing process. When you decide to use the services of a licensed, professional Buyers' Agent you are choosing to make a huge saving that can run into potential amount.

If you are confused whether to hire buyers agent or a broker than you must know the key difference between a Buyers' Agent and a traditional selling agent. Most importantly buyers advocate Sydney will represent one single client at a time. Since a Buyers' Agent works exclusively for the buyer, whereas the selling agent works for the vendor or seller it is beneficial to hire buyers agent. Moreover a buyers agent is independent entity and thus according to law he cannot act for and accept a commission for both parties in the transaction. When a buyers agent is working as independent professional he has no financial ties to agents, developers or specific properties.

As a buyer you are required to pay buyers agent prior agreed fee at the point of property exchange. There is no question of their receiving any commissions or rewards from sellers or their agents. Oasis property buyers offer full search service whereby the buyers agent finds and shortlists properties meeting the specified criteria for their client and then undertakes to evaluate and negotiate the recommended property to purchase.

Many times in situations where the clients actively search the market they engage the buyers agent to negotiate a private treaty or bid at auction. Undoubtedly with buyers agent Sydney by your side you have a upper hand to understand the auction process, bidding tactics and prevent being emotionally involved in the auction/ or negotiation process.

You will be relieved to know that as an investor the Buyers Agents fees are completely tax deductible. You buyer agent can charge an appointment fee depending on their terms before they begin the search. Usually this is a flat fee or a fraction of the property purchase price.

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