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Posted by PMLogistics on May 14th, 2015

Vans is a brand that has been quite known in the industry, especially when it comes to shoes. What they bring to the market when it comes to footwear is something that is quite iconic and is known to be a style from Southern California. This brand has been bringing out their wares to the market since 1966. Their popularity does not seem to fade at all.

Part of the program that the brand is bringing to its market would be the Vans mall tour. They would be going through a number of lucky cities which the brand has already selected. What is important is they would be having these mall tours to those that already have Vans shops in them or may have a Vans shop that would soon be opening. It is quite an exciting time for Vans followers. Experiential tours like this are really worth going to. Pyramid, one of the top logistics companies in the country, would be assisting the brand achieve a successful Vans mall tour. After all, experiential tours are a big thing for Pyramid and they know how to do it properly.

Part of the mall tour would be the SK8 Hi cars. These have been designed simply for this huge event. They will be going from city to city and would be going their rounds around the malls that have been chosen. This would allow mall goers to actually see what they are promoting and get them to learn more about the brand and maybe even be more interested in what they are offering. It is always the brand’s way of actually telling people that the mall that they are touring in actually has a Vans shop. You should be able to see them in your city if your city has been chosen so keep your eyes peeled! After all, you do not get to see a SK8 Hi car everyday, now do you?

Shoes from Vans are quite popular ones especially for those who are into skateboarding, surfing, and biking. They are also quite popular among musicians, designers, as well as artists. It just goes to show that the brand has quite a huge following. The thing about their shoes is that these people who really adore the brand can really show themselves and express who they are through the shoes. There are simple designs and even bolder ones that have been very popular for years.

According to the brand, they have been able to reach quite a huge amount of individuals who have been fans of their shoes. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that there are some people who may not be part of the mentioned markets but actually have been really good followers of the brand as well. They have been able to reach over 170 countries and they are looking at getting into even more. After all, those Vans shoes can be customized and personalized easily. So who would not want to go for something like that?

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