What Disability Discrimination Lawyer Near Me Do?

Posted by Marcus McGowan on March 23rd, 2021

Federal and State laws forbid discrimination against employees based on their disabilities. The employer may not discriminate against you while hiring, firing, promotions, benefits, or any other respect. Suppose your employer fired you, and you think it was an act of disability discrimination. Search a disability discrimination lawyer near me in google can help you figure out if you have a potential claim and the best way to take action.

Access If Your Employer Illegally Discriminated Against You

Not all unfair treatment by your employer is illegal discrimination. If you fall under the category protected by one of the federal or State anti-discrimination laws, then search for a disability discrimination lawyer near me. For example, you are pregnant, and your employer knows it at the time of your termination. A disability discrimination lawyer can help you determine whether or not you are in a protected class.

Gather Evidence Supporting Your Case

To support your lawsuit, you need to gather enough evidence to convince the judge or jury that your employer has fired you for a discriminatory reason. For example, if your employer fired you due to poor performance but the last three months' performance reviews were excellent, this is critical evidence of a discriminatory motive. Or if you had an accident and lost your leg. Your employer has no right to fire you from the job. Hiring a disability discrimination lawyer near me can help gather evidence for a lawsuit, one of the most essential and valuable skills that a lawyer can provide.
Run A Cost-Benefit Analysis With You

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a disability discrimination lawyer is that your lawyer will run you through a cost-benefit analysis. He will walk you through the strengths and weaknesses of your case. It will help you to understand the expenses and the number of damages you can recover if you win. Finding a disability discrimination lawyer near me will have access to all your documents that will help him assess the changes in the case so that you can make informed decisions along the way.

Know Your Options

From the first meeting itself, your lawyer will lay out the options about your employment situation. It may range from filing a charge of discrimination or sending your employer a letter that explores settlement, or pursuing a full-blown lawsuit in court. The attorney will also point out each option's pros and cons as you discuss throughout the case. It will help you aim for the information you need to make decisions at various points in the lawsuit.

Fees And Costs

If you are sure to hire a lawyer, then ask for an explanation of how you will charge attorneys' fees and costs in your case. The fee of the attorney differs based on what course of action you decide to take. Sometimes the services take longer or are more complex than others, which will result in higher fees. The attorney will also explain any costs you might expect to incur in your case.

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