Vaping Mistakes: Things People Do Wrong Start Vaping

Posted by DanielWatson on March 23rd, 2021

You can easily make a mistake when you are starting something new. 

Today e-cigarettes have become easier to use and with new beginner devices available at the best online vape store it is getting easier and easier. 


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1- Buying An Advanced Vape Mod

New vapers generally buy the wrong device; also some stores encourage this by selling expensive high-end devices that are wrong for new users.

Vaping starters need a device that is easier to use, has a draw similar to that of a cigarette, and delivers the perfect throat hit. The best option is a pod system. These are small, compact, and come with an automatic draw.

You can also get a device that can be upgraded with a simple change to the coil. By this, you can have a tight draw just similar to a cigarette but you will have the option to switch to a vape with more vapor and a looser draw.

Also if your friends are there who want to provide you support then you can start by trying their devices and then move straight to buy e cigarette Dubai.

2- Buying A Poor Quality

The person who has never purchased a vape can think that they are all the same. But that’s not the case.

Buying the wrong vape can lead to:

  • Poor performance

  • Poor vapor production

  • Poor nicotine products

  • Poor battery life

  • Poor flavor production

  • Coils burning out

  • Coils not fitting

You can find plenty of choices for vapers from the better manufacturers at the shops such as Vape Stop.


3- Starting With The Wrong Nicotine Level

Another biggest mistake is that new vapers start with the wrong nicotine level. It is necessary that you don’t start with a nicotine level that is too low. It should be satisfying enough that you replace your tobacco cigarettes. You should also know that nicotine is not the only thing that contributes to cigarette addiction. With low nicotine levels, you might find that the vape is not satisfying enough to replace cigarettes.

If you are using a higher nicotine level but still not getting the hit you require, or the throat hit is too harsh then consider trying nicotine salts.

4- Starting With High Nicotine

You might have too much of nicotine; this is rare than with a low level of nicotine. It is better to ensure that you have the right nicotine level from the start. When you buy vape in Dubai the shopkeeper can help you with this. If you have taken too much nicotine, then take a break from vaping for a while.

5- Buying The Wrong Flavor

It is essential to get the right e-juice; first, get the right flavor. Try a number of flavors to find the perfect one for you. This would help you ensure that vaping is a satisfying alternative to tobacco cigarettes. When you start exploring the wonderful word world of e-liquid flavors of vape Abu Dhabi then you are less likely to go back to smoking.

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