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Posted by Lucilla on March 23rd, 2021

Plan-dependent routing, commonly called “policy routing”, is using route maps to find out the path a packet will take to have to its final spot. While you development through your CCNP experiments and go on for the CCIE (or to your Cisco Quality Of Provider certification), you’ll see that site visitors could be “marked” by policy routing as a way to give various levels of provider to numerous courses of visitors. (This is completed by marking the visitors and putting different lessons of visitors in numerous queues in the router, allowing the administrator to offer some visitors increased priority for transmission.)

There are some standard policy routing rules you need to know:

Policy routing doesn’t have an effect on the location of your packet, but does have an effect on The trail which is taken to receive there.

Plan routing can forward website traffic based on the supply IP tackle or even the destination IP address (with the use of an extended ACL).

Policy routing can be configured at the interface degree, or globally.

Implementing coverage routing on an interface affects only packets arriving on that interface:

R2(config)#int s0

R2(config-if)#ip policy route-map CHANGE_NEXT_HOP

Implementing the plan globally applies the route map to packets generated to the router, not on all packets received on all interfaces.

No matter whether you’re functioning policy routing for the interface amount, on packets developed domestically, or equally, constantly run the command present ip policy to be sure you’ve got the proper route maps on the right interfaces.

R2#display ip policy

Interface Route map



And right here’s the large rule to recall….

If a Forza Horizon 4 Download PC packet doesn’t match any of the particular requirements inside of a route map, or does match a line that has an specific deny statement, the information is distributed into the routing course of action and can be processed Generally. In case you don’t need to route packets that don't meet up with any route map criteria, the established command has to be utilized to send out those packets to your null0 interface. This set command really should be the final established command while in the route map.

You can find four choices for an incoming packet when route maps are in use. The next illustration illustrates all of these.

R2(config)#accessibility-record 29 allow host twenty.one.1.1

R2(config)#obtain-list thirty allow host twenty.two.two.2

R2(config)#accessibility-list 31 permit host twenty.three.3.three

R2(config)#entry-listing 32 allow host 20.four.four.4

R2(config)#route-map Illustration permit ten

R2(config-route-map)#match ip address 29

R2(config-route-map)#established ip next-hop forty.one.one.one

R2(config-route-map)#route-map Case in point allow twenty

R2(config-route-map)#match ip handle 30

Assuming the route map is applied to the router’s ethernet0 interface, a packet sourced from twenty.one.1.1 would satisfy the first line on the route map and possess its subsequent-hop IP tackle set to 40.one.one.one.

A packet sourced from 20.two.two.2 would match another allow assertion (sequence range 20). Given that there's no motion mentioned, this packet would return into the routing motor to bear the conventional routing process. All targeted traffic that did not match both of these addresses would even be routed normally – there could be no action taken through the route map.

Perhaps we wish to especially block site visitors sourced from twenty.three.three.3 or twenty.four.4.four. We will use several match statements in one single route map, and have packets matching People two addresses despatched on the little bit bucket – the interface null0.

R2(config)#route-map EXAMPLE allow 30

R2(config-route-map)#match ip handle 31

R2(config-route-map)#match ip tackle 32

R2(config-route-map)#set ?

as-path Prepend string for a BGP AS-route attribute

computerized-tag Instantly compute TAG benefit

comm-checklist set BGP Group list (for deletion)

Group BGP Local community attribute

dampening Established BGP route flap dampening parameters

default Established default information and facts

extcommunity BGP extended Local community attribute

interface Output interface

ip IP particular data

stage Where to import route

neighborhood-choice BGP neighborhood choice path attribute

metric Metric benefit for desired destination routing protocol

metric-type Type of metric for vacation spot routing protocol

origin BGP origin code

tag Tag price for location routing protocol

excess weight BGP body weight for routing desk

R2(config-route-map)#established interface null0

Any traffic matching ACLs 31 or 32 will be sent to null0, resulting in its remaining discarded from the router. Any targeted visitors that didn’t match any of the route map statements will be returned to the routing motor for standard processing.

Figuring out plan routing and the way to apply it are critical abilities for passing the BSCI Test, earning your CCNP, and turning out to be much more useful in today’s job industry. Get some fingers-on observe in a very CCNA / CCNP residence lab or rack rental to go together with Finding out the speculation, and you simply’ll be creating and making use of policy routing very quickly in any way.

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