3 Unique Challenges Of Unattended Death Clean Up In Oakland And Stockton, CA

Posted by 911HazmatCleanupCA on March 23rd, 2021

Reporting an individual to be missing is more common than one thinks. Indeed, such circumstances become an additional burden for the concerned authorities who leave no stone unturned in their endeavor to trace the person. Sadly, the unthinkable may occur with the body being discovered elsewhere. True, the investigative and law enforcement authorities take over from thereon, but the family members and friends are shocked by such an outcome. Trying to swab the area with the aid of a mop and soap water is not helpful either. This requires the involvement of professionals trained to deal with unattended death clean-up in Oakland and Stockton, CA speedily.

Sure, an unattended death points to the occurrence of a crime. However, death may occur due to natural causes, especially when the concerned individual is too ill to contact the next of kin. Apart from the stress involved, keeping the area clean can prove enormously challenging without professional help. Some of the most dangerous consequences of failing to clean up the area after the body has been removed by the authorities concerns the following:-

1. Amateur Cleaner- Ignorance is undoubtedly no bliss when one chooses to save money by hiring an inept individual to do the needful. Finding a dead body can be scary and often leads to panic. The immediate step of action would be to contact the local police, who would then make provisions to remove it from the room/premises. Trying to scrub away the remnants from the location would be foolhardy. It is necessary to contact skilled professionals who arrive in teams wearing the required protective clothing. They are sure to use special equipment meant for deep cleaning with no remains left behind as well. Professionals will take every care to ensure safety for the individuals living in the area by disinfecting all touchpoints.

2. Lurking Pathogens- A body that has been dead for days, weeks, or months is definite to undergo decomposition. There would be several microorganisms hovering in and around the concerned area as well. The risk of being exposed to several biohazards is too significant to ignore. Of particular danger is the possibility of maggots laying eggs within the body cavities of the dead person. Moving the body discovered after days is likely to scatter the maggots who pose a danger of carrying infecting agents capable of entering one’s bloodstream. A professional clean-up team will be aware of the threat and take all necessary steps to eliminate such threats.

3. Structural Damage- A professional team does not only clean the visible areas. On the contrary, they look for tell-tale signs of bodily fluids seeping into the drywall and subfloor. The skilled team makes use of specialized equipment and products to reverse the damage as far as possible. This is certainly not possible for a layperson with no expertise or experience.

Trying to deal with an unattended death or crime scene clean-up in San Francisco and Oakland, CA, requires professional assistance and should never be attempted by grieving family members. 

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