When to redesign your logo?

Posted by Harry on March 23rd, 2021

Getting the right logo design on the first attempt is not an easy task. This is true; most of the time for new ventures or you designed it in such a way that it had trendy elements and now that trend has faded away or you are diversifying your business and need a new design that could best reflect your business.

No matter what is the case, you want to redesign your logo. In this article, you will know when you should redesign it.

Have your customers changed?

Many start-ups during their initial years don’t provide lots of products or extended product lines due to many reasons, it could be either due to budget or lack of enough human resource. Once they are established, they think about diversifying their product range and at this time they realize their audience will also change and will require a new design.

Study to which extend your customers will change and what are their likings and which things they don’t like and design your logo accordingly.

Are there new rivals?

Competition no doubt has become stiff and strong in these years and it will continue to be like this. Not only smaller firms but also well-established brands are facing strong competition that threatens their market share. So, it is no surprise that many brands bring changes, so why you should stay behind?

To look up to date you must redesign your emblem. So, you could maintain your market share and challenge your new rivals.

Your logo didn’t make an impression:

You had put lots of efforts and time into your custom logo but it failed to make any impression and failed to attract customers. For the sake of saving some money, many businesses go for amateur designers and that hurts their credibility and compromises their quality. This is the most obvious reason why your emblem is not making any impact.

Hire a professional Buy logo design services that can redesign it and make it look more consistent and full of quality.

Has it become outdated?

Another reason might be to redesign your emblem is because it looks outdated. The most probable reason behind having an outdated design is that it was made from trendy elements that have faded away in pages of history. If that’s the case then you should make changes to it and remove those trendy elements that make it looks outdated.

Since you have realized your logo was trendy, you should not add trendy fonts and colours. After all, here your main focus is not to repeat the same mistakes.

Does it reflect my brand?

Your emblem should reflect your brand in the most convenient way. Otherwise, people will not put extra effort into trying to figure out what your brand is all about. It should be self-explanatory. Right colours and fonts play a crucial role too. If you are engaged in the fast-food business your emblem may contain red and yellow colours.

If it doesn’t reflect then you should redesign it and this time make it more appropriate and clear enough to attract customers


These are the 5 most important questions you should ask yourself before planning to redesign your logo. If your answers tell that you need to redesign it. Then, this time take the services of a professional buy logo design company to get maximized results.

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