How can you assess the quality of your logo design?

Posted by Harry on March 23rd, 2021

Logos have from very long time distinguished brands from others. They have provided a marketing edge, created brand awareness, recognition and many other benefits. In this digital era, their importance has increased even more because brands can reach more people through social media and other digital platforms.

So, you have designed a logo for your brand but How would you know if it is successful or not? By the end of this article, you will be able to assess the quality of your logo.

Is it catchy?

So the first question you should ask yourself; is my logo catchy? You can get the answers through questionnaires or surveys and see if your customers find it catchy enough. Remember, it has to look catchy for customers because they will be the ones who will bring profits to your business. So, their opinion is important.

Also, you should check if it fits on all platforms. It will always look pleasing no matter where you put it or in any size. It has to look pleasing and adaptable in different formats. In short, it has to be versatile. If it doesn’t, then it will lose its quality.

Is it unique?

After all, the main purpose of a logo is to give you a brand identity but how would you achieve that? The answer is, by having a design that can differentiate you from rivals. You should not copy or mimic designs from competitors. This will seriously damage your credibility and image.

If your custom logo design is not unique, then it is better to go back to the first step, i.e. redesign it and try to make it not only catchy but different from others because a different emblem will always stand out from the competition.

Is it memorable?

The most successful brands have one thing in common; their logos are memorable and identifiable. Whether it’s Sony or Apple or Adidas, their logos are memorable and they have played a crucial role in the success of these brands. So the question here you would ask yourself; is my custom logo design services memorable?

Memorable logos are instilled into the minds of people and through this; it will influence their buying behaviour. A recent study showed that people buy from those brands which they remember.

Is it authentic?

Sure, your emblem is catchy, unique and memorable but does it look original? Logos that look original certainly play an important part in creating a brand personality. Your brand personality should reflect professionalism, trust and reliability. Originality and authenticity are what differentiates businesses from well-established brands.

Authentic logos will not only attract more business but they act most of the times as ambassadors of brands. Well known examples of Apple, Google, Amazon and Nike are in front of us.


It is important to evaluate the quality of your buy logo design because it will stay with your brand for a very long time and if its quality is not great it will affect the sales and also your brand image.

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