3 Indoor Balloon Party Games For Both Kids And Adults

Posted by Brynley on March 24th, 2021

When you’re planning a birthday celebration, balloons are always there to lend you a helping hand. Everyone, from young children to adults, can appreciate their beautiful sheen and diverse colours. Aside from their visual appeal as balloon decorations, balloons can liven up your party in another way – through games!

Since they’re so light, balloons are a safe alternative to balls for indoor games. Those soft balloons won’t leave a scratch, even if they collide with the furniture! Their bouncy surface also adds to the fun, and kids will have a blast pushing them around through the air.

If you want to entertain your guests with some light-hearted fun, get some balloons from a party shop and try out some of these indoor balloon party games!

Balloon volleyball

As a classic balloon party game, balloon volleyball is straightforward and can be played with just one balloon! Start off by dividing everyone into two teams, and have them stand at opposite ends of the room.

Then, divide the room into two sides using a string or tape. Just like in regular volleyball, each team’s goal is to hit the balloon over to the other team’s side. If any team lets the balloon touch the floor on their side, the opposing team wins one point.

If you’ve got the time, you can even set up a real ‘net’ by hanging a string where the top of the net would be.

Balloon racing

If balloon volleyball seems too passive for the adrenaline junkies among you, balloon racing is a game that can get everyone fired up in no time. In this game, the objective is to get a balloon from one end of the room to the other. But there’s a twist – the players have to work within the restrictions that they are given.

For example, you can make it so that they have to balance the balloons on the tip of their fingers as they walk across the room. You can even provide pieces of cardboard and make them fan the balloons to the finish line.

The key here is to be creative with your rules. Try to strike a balance between being challenging and fun.

Keep it moving

This game tests players’ coordination and communication, and it’s great for those who don’t want to run around too much. Have everyone stand in a circle, about two arms’ length apart. When everyone is in position, pass a balloon to one person in the circle.

That person is not allowed to hold the balloon, so they will have to juggle the balloon in the air. They are only allowed to keep the balloon for 5 seconds before they have to hit it to someone else. The new owner of the balloon is then subject to the same rules. At regular intervals, you can throw in more balloons to up the ante. The game ends when somebody drops a balloon on the floor.

The goal is to have as many balloons being passed around as possible. The game may sound simple, but it can get really intense when the balloons start to stack up!


With these exhilarating balloon party games, you’ll have your guests smiling and laughing in no time at all. They’re also a great way to make use of any latex balloons you have leftover.

But of course, no party is complete without some beautiful helium balloons to get everyone in the celebratory mood. There are plenty of reputable balloon shops offering excellent helium balloons that can complement any party theme.

We’ve got a wide array of customisable balloons of all patterns, shapes, and sizes. We’ve even got deflated balloons with gorgeous designs, so you can decorate the place and play the party games in style!

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