Nurture Learning In PYP Kids With These Fall-Inspired Crafts

Posted by Donny on March 24th, 2021

Are you running out of crafty ideas for your art-driven little one? Looking to the seasons can help you get some brilliant new creative ideas for art projects! As the fall season approaches (in the Northern hemisphere, at least!), let’s get crafty with some autumn-inspired art projects!

Your child may put their hands to plenty of arts and crafts activities in school, especially if they are still in the IB PYP. And for good reasons, too – art projects are not only great for spurring your little one’s imagination and creativity, but also for sparking learning and curiosity.

So, read on for some easy, beautiful, and fun art projects to kick off this fall season!

1. Fall leaf wreath

You can start by dampening several sheets of watercolour paper and letting the children paint them in autumn-coloured watercolour paints. This wet-on-wet technique creates beautiful and soft colours that blend easily and flow together. After doing so, allow the paintings to dry completely.

Once the paintings have dried, use scissors to cut leaves from it. Next, to create a wreath shape, cut the centre out of a paper plate. Use glue to bind the paper leaves onto the wreath until it is completely covered. Add a ribbon for hanging and it’s done!

Not only is this the prettiest wreath to hang in their room, but the little ones can also learn and explore during the process! They get to explore the wide range of leaf shapes and also encourages them to be observant about the botanical diversity around them.

2. Apple stamp pumpkins

This is a simple craft that every kid can enjoy. All you need is an apple, paper, and paint! Begin by cutting the apple into half – the parent can help with this if the child is too young. Then, using a paintbrush, brush some orange paint onto one half of the apple. Kids can use it to stamp and paint their ‘pumpkin’ shapes, and draw in funny faces using marker after the paint has dried. This is a fun activity as it encourages them to use their imagination and creativity.

The kids can also try to use other fruits and vegetables to stamp and come up with their own designs based on it. This is also an apt activity as Halloween is coming up! Use this time to educate and show them the cultural significance of this fun festival!

3. Paper fan turkey

Firstly, make sure you have plenty of paper in fall colours. Cut them into half and tape them together to make a big strip. Next, fold the paper into ½ inch accordion folds and glue the middle together with glue to make a fan shape. Create 2 more ‘fans’ but in smaller sizes and different colours!

Separately, cut out a turkey’s head and body from paper, and draw in its face. Then, it’s time to put them together! Glue the smallest fan to the back of the turkey, followed by the medium one and the biggest one right at the back. There you have it – a cute, colourful turkey’s tail!

This could be useful as a place card on the Thanksgiving table! You could use this opportunity to talk about the traditions and history of Thanksgiving or educate them about turkeys and other fowls.


Art projects like these are amazing for keeping your young ones occupied and for kickstarting more learning. You won’t be running out of ideas this month with all the ideas fall-inspired crafts can give you!

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