Dedicated Server Hosting: Speed and Space Benefits

Posted by Ms. Sweety Dharamohapatra on May 15th, 2015

Shared web hosting may be an inexpensive entry point for small business owners or start-ups that handle low traffic. However, as business demands expand, this kind of set-up can be quite limiting because it forces you to work within the constraints of a standard account. Dedicated server hosting, on the other hand, gives you the resources and capabilities of an entire server, without having to share them with other businesses and sites.

This can be highly beneficial for growing business not only because of speed and space advantages but also other important website aspects like, better reliability, flexibility, customisability, security, and overall performance. The following is a rundown of some of the greatest advantages of dedicated server hosting:

  • Reliability – One of the greatest advantages of dedicated server hosting is having all server resources to yourself, which means no websites trying to sap bandwidth, storage space, and other resources that you are supposed to be enjoying. Dedicated hosting, therefore, makes server crashes more unlikely, while also allowing you to provide more reliable services to larger volumes of traffic without hassle. Services and features like video streaming and hi-resolution images are also faster to deliver.
  • Flexibility – Websites that don't need to share a server with other sites also have more flexibility when it comes to configuring the server and designating its resources. This means greater control over your web resources as your business flourishes and grows.
  • Customisability – This has plenty to do with the unique and changing needs of your business. With a dedicated server, you can use your resources entirely as a mail server, a database, or any other type of web resource as per your needs and prerogative.
  • Security – A greater level of security also comes with this kind and style of hosting, because the only one with access to your server is you and your service provider. Shared servers also tend not to be PCI-compliant or are less-compliant than dedicated servers.
  • Performance – Finally, dedicated servers help improve a site's overall performance as they offer greater reliability when it comes to service delivery while combining other advantages like speed, flexibility, greater security, and customisability. Sites run more smoothly, which means pages load with more ease, thus raising customer satisfaction. While dedicated hosting may cost more than shared hosting, it might be worth the investment in the long run, especially with the rapidly changing needs of your organisation.

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Mr.Sagar Mohanty is Managing Director at Nexus Technoware Solution Private Limited (NTSPL), a firm he started in 2007. NTSPL is a ‘Microsoft Silver Certified’ partner, ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company and STPI Registered firm which specializes in best-in-class Software Development, Web Apps Development, Website Designing, Web Hosting, Corporate Email Id Solution, Web Security & Mobile Messaging & Voice Solution.

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