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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

Residing in the United States makes one feel liberated - in other words free to do whatever you want, free to live your life, freedom of love, and free to make your own choices allowing you to break all traditions.
There are a great many practices still adhered too; some people find tradition hard to cast aside. Here are some distinct western touches:

The yanks have a fantastic unique way in personalizing their weddings which means giving priority over engagements which are not traditionally celebrated in a way that it is in some countries.

Old fashioned original down on bended knee marriage proposals, the better they say.

Wedding preparations start with the engaged couple visiting parents/family informing them of their engagement.

Engaged couples intend to invite more friends along to their engagement party than that of the wedding, because engagement parties cost a lot less than any planned wedding reception. Light snacks on the menu will be just that, light e.g. cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. To make the wedding day cost effective couples will ask more colleagues and friends to the engagement party therefore less to cater for if on a tight budget on the day they tie the knot.

Bridal shower preparations are given by the maid of honour and bridesmaids. A bachelor party is certainly on the cards for the groom to be. One tradition I think that will never be cast aside. Drinking should be consumed in moderation; you need to be steady on your feet when taking those vows.

A good idea is to make sure all wedding invitations include response cards this way guests will let you know if they can attend. Wedding invitations are usually sent within 4/6 weeks before the occasion.

Rehearsal dinners are sometimes carried out with wedding party guests who come from far away places to attend the wedding practice. Word has it that the groom's parents foot the dinner bill cost.

The bridal luncheon is hosted for the bride's attendants on the wedding day itself. However, time may not allow this to be part of the routine on the wedding day. This also apply's to the groom and groomsmen.

Religious ceremonies are very popular with the Americans even if they hold know religious beliefs. How ever problems can arise when a couple gets married from different faiths or religions.
The feeling where bad luck prevails if the groom should see the bride the day before is still upheld in many parts of the world, the yanks are adamant in keeping to the rules and comply with this voodoo curse as some would see it, so the groom bides his time and takes notice when the bride walks down the aisle.

Still in practice the groom and groomsmen make their entrance into the chapel through a side door. Brides are still given away by dad sometimes by two males if they have a stepfather.

Formal receptions usually have a bridal table where the couples and their chosen attendants sit. As guests arrive for the reception food and drinks are served on entry.

Gift lists are on show for the guest thus making it easy for them to choose the right present for the happy couple. A fabulous idea to say you thank you for all gifts received is to send personalized notes to all the guests who attended.

The choice is yours whether you stick with tradition or not but one thing that does not change in the eyes of an American is that most take their vows very seriously "For better or worse, 'til death do us part." is still common in American wedding practices.

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