Lethamyr has proven an especially invaluable part of the Rocket League

Posted by worldofwarcraftlee on March 24th, 2021

At long last, custom map maker Lethamyr has uploaded their Wave Race-inspired map Psyonix's Rocket League, allowing PC players to trade in their rocket-powered battle cars for jet skis. Custom maps in Rocket League have been a popular part of Buy Rocket League Credits the experience for quite some time. The robust set of features supplies creators with plenty of tools to build game modes, expansive courses, and much more.

Lethamyr has proven an especially invaluable part of the Rocket League community, providing fans with plenty of custom content to sink their teeth into. Thanks to the game's various tools, he's managed to create everything from unbelievably inventive maps and Capture the Flag mini-games to air hockey and adventure-based experiences. Last year he released a Fall Guys and Rocket League crossover, before closing out 2020 with a complete recreation of Among Us inside of Rocket League. Now Lethamyr has returned, another remarkable custom map in tow.

The most recent of Lethamyr's custom Rocket League creations revolves around Wave Race, a nearly 30-year-old jet ski racing game that debuted on Game Boy, before receiving a Nintendo 64 sequel in 1996. Lethamyr last detailed his plans for LOLGA this particular project in 2019, but at long last it's arrived. This Wave Race-inspired map swaps out the usual rocket-powered cars for jet skis. Players can make their way across a total of five laps, each of which awards racers points at the end. At present, only Lethamyr's Patreon supporters can download this batch of content, but he says Epic Games and Steam clients will be able to access them via his website at a later date.

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