Best Luxury Candles To Burn

Posted by Celtic Candles on March 24th, 2021

Luxury candles are not only a powerful way to create different moods thanks to their scents but also an easy, instant way to accent your interior. Despite being on the smaller scale of the accessories spectrum, there is more to consider than they would first think when it comes to choosing the perfect candle.

From the effects of different fragrant notes to how many wicks you need, let their hand sanitizer buying guide take you through the elements to consider in your decision-making process.

Types Of Candles

Thinking about the purpose of your candle will help you to make the right choice from the wide range of styles available. Consider whether you want the look and fragrance of your design to make a bold statement or subtle addition to your space.


Scented candles are the answer to ultimate escapism. Like any candle, they introduce a warm glow to an interior, but it is their fragrance that gives a room a real identity. From evoking memories to setting a certain tone, scented candles create a multi-sensory experience and heightened ambiance.

Scented designs generally consist of three levels: top, center, and base notes. Top notes are the very first aromas to get noticed, central notes act as the core while the base notes are often more dominant and develop over time.


Decorative candles deliver aesthetic beauty and help to shape the style of a room. They are perfect centrepieces for dining tables and charming accents for bookcases, coffee tables, and mantelpieces.

Different sized candles offer the opportunity to play with proportion while materials – from sleek metals to ceramic surfaces – enable you to experiment with texture. The recent trend for unique silhouettes and interesting motifs, seen in designs from brands, means that more and more candles are doubling up as small objects.


Formed from soybean oil, soy wax candles are natural and renewable, making them a safe and sustainable option. The natural material is biodegradable so wax spills can be easily washed out. Soy wax also boasts a lengthy, clean burn.

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