What’s so special about the pigment inks used by the Canon TA-20, TA-30, TM-200

Posted by Liz Seyi on March 24th, 2021

If you have recently been browsing our selection of large-format inkjet printers here at Prizma Graphics, you may have understandably become especially intrigued by the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-200, TM-300, TA-20 and TA-30. And there are many good reasons to be so; after all, these printers are renowned for their compactness, speedy performance, and high print quality.

On the subject of printing quality, however, one of the key strengths of these in-demand wide-format printer models is the LUCIA TD inks that they use.

What are LUCIA TD inks – and how do they improve printed media?

Canon developed its LUCIA TD five-colour full pigment inks in response to a specific problem: that of high printing quality being difficult to achieve when conventional five-colour dye and pigment inks are applied to uncoated paper that wasn’t designed with inkjet use in mind. The issue with uncoated paper is that it lacks an ink-receiving layer, which tends to make it unsuitable for inkjet printing.

The LUCIA TD inks, however, work in a rather different way. They use a new type of matte black ink with high surface tension, which reduces the degree to which wet ink droplets spread when they come into contact with paper.

Furthermore, the fact that the colourants are likely to stay near the paper surface allows for crisp lines and high-quality text to be achieved, with high density and minimal feathering.

Another great advantage of LUCIA TD inks is that new pigment inks are employed for every colour. This helps to improve water resistance, so that you can easily carry around and check your drawings even when outdoors, without much worry about the inks running if they become wet.

If, then, you would like your next large-format printer to use inks that extract the full potential of conventional five-colour dye and pigment inks, allowing remarkable-quality fine lines and text to be achieved even on uncoated paper, Canon’s LUCIA TD inks should have your interest.

But there’s much more that these industry-leading printers offer

LUCIA TD ink can be a game-changer for many of those contemplating investment in machines such as the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-200TM-300TA-20 and TA-30, for any of a broad range of applications. It is a highly innovative ink that helps to achieve impressive printing results across various different surfaces, including plain, glossy and semi-gloss paper.

There are many other features incorporated into these printers, however, that make them so advantageous. These include their rapid printing delivery, compact designs that lend themselves well to smaller offices, and even stellar noise reduction.

Indeed, Canon’s latest TM-series printers reduce noise by about 60% compared to conventional models, without compromising productivity. This has been achieved through such measures as adjusting the airflow path, reducing the size of the exhaust fan, and even sharpening the cutter so that it makes cleaner and quieter cuts.

All of this effort to minimise noise means that you can be confident about installing your Canon TM-200, TM-205, TM-300 or TM-305 printer right next to your employees, in the knowledge that it won’t disturb them and disrupt their work.

All in all, one of these high-performing and fully-featured wide-format printers could greatly help you to achieve a pleasanter and more productive office environment throughout 2021 – and beyond. For more advice from the Prizma Graphics team as to which may be the best choice of Canon TM-series or TA-series printer for you, please do not hesitate to enquire to us today.


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