How To Bust A Wedding Crasher

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

The tradition typically associated with weddings is often shaken in movies. The recent hit, "The Wedding crashers" portrayed an aspect of the ceremony in a unique light. The movie features mediators who have a routine of crashing wedding parties. The movie has experienced a huge amount of success and exposes an issue of wedding planning that many couples overlook: how to handle a wedding crasher.

Create a Lookout Plan
You may think it a silly idea to assign people to look for a wedding crasher, but you will be too caught up in the moment to worry about these issues, and you shouldn't. There is no need to go out and hire secret service men. All you need is to commission a couple of people to be able to identify that everyone attending your wedding ceremony was invited. One way to verify that someone is not a wedding crasher is to check that everyone who arrives has an invitation. If you feel uncomfortable with this idea, you can conceal your motives and exchange the wedding invitation for a special gift as your guests arrive. Having guests sign in as they arrive is another way to keep a wedding crasher out of your ceremony. Whichever way you choose to handle it, the idea is try and stop a wedding crasher at the door.

Beyond the Front Door
So, what do you do if a wedding crasher makes it into your wedding celebration? First of all, don't panic. Many people who attend wedding parties uninvited do so for harmless reasons. Most are just interested in obtaining a free meal. It might be the case that a wedding crasher arrived with someone who was actually invited. If it is the wedding ceremony that the wedding crasher is attempting to attend, give them an obscure seat, such as in the back. If it is the reception that the wedding crasher has snuck into, it is often the case that caters provide additional food for such occasions. Of course, not everyone has good intentions. An ex-lover, for example, may have intentions of creating a scene to disrupt your celebration. In this case you will just have to get rid of the wedding crasher quickly and with the least amount of attention. If your ceremony features a live band, have them crank up the volume to drown out yelling or other disrupting noises that may occur as you send the wedding crasher to the nearest exit.

Security Measures
It is rare that a wedding crasher will pose any danger to you or your guests. However, it is wiser to be prepared for such an occurrence. Having a uniformed security officer in the area is often enough to ward off a wedding crasher with ill intent. Installing a security camera and having someone watch for a wedding crasher is another measure you may want to consider. To keep a wedding crasher from being tempted to steal your gifts, it is a good idea to allow your guests to place the gifts in one specific area.

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