10 Vape Tricks That Are Both Spectacular And Easy To Do

Posted by Liz Seyi on March 24th, 2021


A lot of the conversation about why smokers should switch to vaping commonly centres on the health benefits  and of course, weve covered those a lot down the years in our news updates here at £1 Vape. But one other great reason to take up vaping, is the amazing tricks you can pull off with the vapour it produces. And before you say it  no, you dont have to be super-skilled to do them.

Sure, you might have first been entranced by smoke tricks when watching someone blowing smoke rings in an old movie, using a traditional cigarette. But these days, vaping exists, and allows you to pull off a wider range of tricks than those old-time stars could have ever hoped to manage with their cigarettes. After all, the substance produced by vaping is thicker and fuller.

So, with no further ado, lets take a closer look at some of the great vape tricks you can try, and how you can pull them off and impress your friends.

First, a few preparatory tips...

Lets add a few disclaimers before we get into the vape tricks themselves. The fact is, performing these tricks to their most impressive extent means inhaling and blowing out a lot of vapour. Thats why, if you want to have a go at them, wed point you towards high-VG e-juices, like the great-value e-liquids we have in this category of the £1 Vape online store.

Go for a high-VG e-juice, and the throat hit will be milder, and the cloud sizes you produce greater. And itll further help you to generate those big clouds if you use an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) or sub-ohm tank.

Finally, its also useful to not have too much airflow in whatever environment youre attempting these tricks. So, if youre doing so at home, you might want to close any open windows and switch off any air conditioning or fans youre using.

Anyway  lets now move onto 10 of the vape tricks themselves.

1. The Ghost Hit

This trick is all about exhaling a vapour cloud and then swiftly sucking it back in. You do it by taking a long pull of vapour but then not inhaling, instead keeping it in your mouth for a few seconds. Then, you gradually push it out of your mouth  and as soon as it leaves your mouth, you suck it back in.

This is a good trick to start off with, as its a straightforward enough one to do, but can also be used in more complex tricks later.

2. The French Inhale

For a cool, subtle party trick, try this one, which can resemble an upside down waterfall. Its a natural next step after the ghost hit, given that  as with that one  you first take a pull, without then inhaling.

But once the vapour is sitting in your mouth, you slowly open it, extending your bottom jaw and releasing the vapour, before then inhaling the vapour through your nostrils.

3. The Dragon

Youd have thought by its visual appeal alone that the Dragon would be a difficult trick to do, given that it basically involves blowing vapour out of four areas: your nostrils and the corners of your mouth. But you should be able to do this one with just a bit of practice, as long as you can keep the centre of your lips touching while exhaling to produce the both corners of the mouth effect.

Once again, you start by taking a long pull and not inhaling. With the vapour in your mouth, push it through your nose and the corners of your mouth simultaneously. Do it quickly and forcefully, complete with a menacing look in your eyes, and this trick can look really impressive!

4. The Tornado

Its not just your mouth that can be great for manipulating vapour, but also your hands! For this trick  which is all about creating a tornado vapour cloud  youll require a flat and sturdy surface.

Make sure youre standing or sitting in front of a table, before taking a solid drag and bending over. You should be placing your mouth as close as possible to the table surface. Then, with your mouth almost parallel to the flat surface, gradually exhale the vapour, so that a dense and contained cloud is produced.

With all of the vapour released, extend your hand, placing it in the clouds centre, before swiftly raising your arm upwards, as if you were reverse-chopping the vapour. Then, stand back and marvel at the resultant twister.

5. The Big Os

OK, so now were getting onto a trick that is a key intermediate one enabling you to progress from easy to slightly more sophisticated vape tricks. Its about blowing rings of vapour  or Os  when you exhale.

To do this one, inhale and keep the vapour in your throat, before resting your tongue at the base of your mouth, and slightly pushing the back of your tongue to the back of your throat. You then create an O shape with your lips by curving them tightly around your teeth, while keeping your lips taut, instead of pushing them out like a kiss. Then, pulse the back of your throat  as if you were lightly coughing  to push out the vapour.

It is how large or small you round your mouth while exhaling that will dictate the shape of the vapour ring you produce.

6. Triangles

Presuming youre reading this after getting good at blowing Os, you might be interested in knowing that you can use your hands to alter their shape.

With this one, its as straightforward a process as exhaling a ring of vapour and then using one of your hands to gently push it. Quickly tapping one side of the ring will cause it to bend into a triangle.

Making this trick work is really about how you time your handiwork. So, dont be afraid to experiment with when you and how you push and tap your Os.

7. The Jellyfish

As its name suggests, this trick creates vapour that resembles a jellyfish moving underwater. It starts with you blowing a large, single O that you gently push with one hand. This is followed by taking another drag and slowly dropping it into the rings centre.

Then, its simply a case of watching your last exhale move through the O, creating a spectacle  if youve done it well  akin to a moving jellyfish.

8. The Bull Ring

This is a cool one, creating a vapour effect that resembles a bull ring or septum piercing. And again, its also a simple one, as long as you already know how to blow Os.

To do this one, you first blow a medium-sized ring, before leaning into it and using your nostrils to inhale the top part of the O. As you might imagine given the proximity of the visual effect to your face, its a good idea to practise this one in the mirror.

9. The Lasso

Yes, vaping even allows you to go a bit Butch Cassidy if you like, with this cowboy-inspired trick. Its based on blowing two rings to create what looks like a lasso.

You start simply by blowing a large and thick ring, and then quickly expanding it with your hand. This is followed by taking another drag of the vape and blowing a smaller ring in the centre of the first ring. The smaller rings greater momentum will push it through the first one, which it will then wrap around to create the lasso effect.

10. The Bane Inhale

Fans of Batman have to try this trick, which looks like the Bane mask. You can recreate it by taking a drag and holding it in your mouth, before pushing out your bottom jaw so that your bottom teeth are in contact with your upper lip. The vapour will then come through your teeth and mouth, and you pull it upwards  as with the French Inhale  by inhaling it through your nostrils.

Its interesting with this one to play around with the positioning of your teeth for the exhale  placing your bottom teeth behind your top teeth, for instance, and slightly smiling. You might find that you have a certain preferred way of doing it.

There you go  just 10 tricks that show just how relatively simple it can be to woo people at parties (or just you, in the mirror at home!) with how you vape. The above tricks provide a great foundation for more advanced feats later  so why not grab some great-value e-liquids from the £1 Vape online store today, and see which e-juices and methods work best for you?

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