4 Tips for Finding High-Quality Fine Jewelry

Posted by Verlas on March 24th, 2021

Whether you want to grow or are just starting your fine jewelry collection, you want to be sure that you find high-quality pieces. There are several details to look for to ensure that the company is transparent about their pricing and uses only the best materials and processes. Various elements can help the process feel simple and more enjoyable as you select different handcrafted pieces. You deserve perfect, timeless fine jewelry you can layer confidently.

Settle for Nothing Less Than Perfection

You shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to finding carefully handcrafted fine jewelry. Your diamond pendant should be responsibly sourced and undergo a thorough process that ensures your necklace is perfect. Seek out an online jewelry store that uses ethically sourced diamonds that come from world-class mines. Look for durable, beautiful materials like 14K and 18K gold as well as 95% or higher purity in platinum. Prioritizing this kind of attention to detail can ensure that each piece is gorgeous and forever-lasting.

Wear Timeless Designs

While you want high-quality materials, you also want designs that can stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking for small hoop earrings or a diamond engagement ring, the company should offer a variety of classic shapes and designs that are always fashionable. Ensure the company has a team of master artisans that handcraft beautiful pieces that are detailed and brilliant. This way, you can find your anniversary rings and everyday jewelry all in one place.

Look for a Diverse Collection

As you prioritize top-tier fine jewelry, make sure that the company offers a wide selection. This can help ensure you find pieces that are perfect for you. Seek out a company with custom jewelry options that allows you to work with a budget, select the color of the metal you desire most, as well as the total carat weight and clarity of any diamonds. It’s also important that the brand offers pieces that are comfortable to wear and always fit and flatter. Complimentary engraving can be another way to customize your piece and add a personal touch to the fine jewelry you want to wear or gift to loved ones. You deserve an assortment of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings that can help you celebrate your beauty in style.

Find a Transparent Company

It’s important that you get your fine jewelry from a transparent company that’s clear about their quality, sourcing, and pricing. Seek out a company that offers 3D every-angle views and a program that lets you try on replicas from the comfort of home. This approach can ensure you feel confident selecting any piece as you know what you’re getting and the company is clear about their process for perfection. Keep these tips in mind as you seek out fine jewelry that meets all of your design preferences and more without sacrificing comfort, quality, sourcing, or style.

About Verlas

Founded by Nidhi S. Dangayach and Nityani Riziya, two female diamond experts, Verlas remains a leader in fine jewelry—with good reason. The direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand ethically sources their diamonds, is transparent about their pricing and processes, and offers timeless designs that are forever-lasting. The Verlas Studios are RJC certified with a team dominated by female Master Artisans, working in an environment that abides by international labor laws. Their process is thorough to ensure each piece is handcrafted to perfection so you can start layering gorgeous necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Their high-quality selection makes it easy to find everything you need in one place. Verlas even offers custom jewelry options to select the metal type, metal color, diamond total carat weight, and more for yourself. Their 3D Every-Angle-View online and Try-at-Home program makes it easy for you to view the details and try on each piece in the comfort of your home. You deserve perfection when it comes to your fine jewelry collection, and Verlas offers all of this and more. Enjoy designer-quality diamond jewelry—without the designer markups.

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