Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions to Ace Your Interview

Posted by white walker on March 24th, 2021

  1. What do you understand by SEO? What do you know about the importance of keyword in SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine optimization. The following is actually a digital marketing technique that allows raising the traffic quality of oh website by means of organic search engine results. The following holds great importance in the field of digital marketing. This is the reason due to which individuals are required to have complete knowledge about SEO before going for the digital marketing interview.

The process of digital marketing makes use of keyword in order to assure user convenience while searching a piece of particular information on a search engine. In order to get a better ranking in SEO, keywords hold great importance along with the place of applying keywords in the content. This factor will always reflect the site marketing certification

  1. How many kinds of SEO practices do you know?

The practices of SEO can generally be classified into two significant categories. They are the White Hat SEO and Black hat SEO. The white hat SEO is exactly as the name suggests. The following is the most legitimate practice for acquiring higher rankings on the result page of the search engines. A White Hat SEO practice abides by Google’s guidelines in a very strict manner. The generally practised white hat SEO techniques are publishing quality content on the site, link acquisition campaigns, restructuring of the site as well as HTML optimization.

The practices of Black Hat SEO are considered to be quite illegitimate and seem to be against the guidelines given by Google as well as the algorithms of Google. Basically, the Black Hat SEO involves the practices which focus on finding out the weaknesses in the algorithms of Google for ranking higher in the search engine results. The general Black Hat SEO techniques invoice hidden text, cloaking keyword stuffing and spam links.

  1. How can you characterize the bad links?

It is very easy to characterize the bad links on the basis of their characteristics. There are a lot of characteristics in a bad link, such as:

  • Low traffic links and lower page ranks
  • Link achieved from the link exchanges
  • Website links that are not related to the site of the organization
  • Receiving texts from numerous websites while linking from the same anchor
  • Links from those sites which are absent in the Google index
  • Paid links
  • Articles or blogs or spam links
  1. How can an individual get a natural backlink to his site?

For a freshly launched website, there are least chances that the website will get new links that to at a faster rate. One of the common ways to achieve natural backlinks is to write certain guest posts on reputed websites in the niche of the individuals. The individuals are required to keep in mind that they aren’t doing the following with the purpose of getting a link. It can even be better if they can write for more than one website at a time. The most crucial thing in the following task is to look for reputed websites and write for them.

  1. What are the areas which make use of keyword optimization?

There are a lot of areas in which keyword optimization is generally used. This is because the proper placement of keyword is essential for a better ranking of a webpage. The areas which make use of the following are:

Website title

Website URL

Meta tag

Web page content


  1. Why is a competitive analysis necessary?

A competitive analysis is one of the most crucial activities which need to be carried out while working on a marketing strategy irrespective of the company it is for. The following actually means identifying the competitors and evaluate their plans in order to determine their weaknesses as well as strengths which are relative to those of their own products or services. With the following evaluation, an individual or an organization can establish a Unique Selling Proposition or USP and therefore decide on what kind of attributes they can lay more emphasis on in order to drag the targeted market towards them.

  1. In what ways can digital marketing be promoted?

There are numerous ways by which digital marketing can be endorsed. They are:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Social media marketing

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