Understand About Braking System Before Buying For Your Vehicle

Posted by joseph george on March 24th, 2021

A braking system can be defined as the arrangement of various components linked with one another in an automobile vehicle to slow down or stop the movement of vehicle. Brakes are one of the key parts of any vehicle, it is impossible to run a vehicle without a functional braking system.

It is always good to know about the braking system of your vehicle for easy servicing or purchase. Here are some common types of braking system found in modern cars.

Hydraulic Barking System- Hydraulic braking system runs on brake fluid, cylinders, and friction. Brake pads work to stop the wheels from moving by the means of pressure created by the liquid within. This hydraulic pressure is transferred to the brake cylinder trough brake hose. High performance brake hoses are available in market. The chance of brake failure is very low in this type of barking system because of the direct connection between brake disc and actuator. Hydraulic brake system is highly used in modern vehicle. Master cylinder is heart of hydraulic brakes; check out brembo radial master cylinder for high performance car. 

Electromagnetic Braking System- As the name suggests, this kind of braking system work on the principle of electromagnetism to achieve smooth braking. The magnetic flux in the direction perpendicular to wheel’s rotating direction creates an opposing force to the wheel rotation leading to frictionless stoppage. These brakes operate electrically so the speed is higher but it uses mechanical method to transmit torque. Electromagnetic brakes offers high reliability and mostly used in the trams and trains. Other applications can be in lift controlling system, and some road vehicles.

Mechanical Braking System- Mechanical braking system is rarely used nowadays due to their less effectiveness. Its working is depending upon the pedal, when the pedals pressed by the rider force deliver to the wheel in order to stop its motion. This type of braking system is mostly used in scooters and motorcycles. Mechanical brakes are less expensive as compared to hydraulic brakes and are slower as well due to dependency on push and pullback actions.

So, the above mentioned information could be helpful for you if you are going to purchase braking system or brake parts for your car, bike, or any other type of vehicle. If you need quality performance parts for your vehicle with the label of top brands at reasonable prices, Visit


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