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Posted by John Smith on May 18th, 2015

Today, on 15th May, 2015, this is about uniform sellers for hotel industry, delivery is made at doorstep, and orders could be placed through online, visit,

In general, all hotel business is not successful because there is no understanding within workers and boss, the reason is boss is only investor and he has no hotel experience, he trusts a person and appointing as an executive, this person has high knowledge in hotel industry, but demanding money every time, if boss is paying business goes in cool, if not he is making workers not to cooperate for boss, at the same time, when a chef is opening a hotel case is different.

In a hotel, restaurant, lower grade restaurants, all these establishments are buying uniforms for workers, owner is not at all bothered to know what is happening at his business, however, every day, there would be small or big business and owner ends money. Boss, is always following any requirement of the workers. In case chefs jacket is required, only manager notes and informs about money need to buy, boss agrees for the same.

Manager orders, chefs jackets for chefs, before this only one process is made, manager is consulting chief chef before ordering, uniforms or any need of workers for the business. In this scenario, if a worker is objecting and requesting for different brand or any other change, this is discussed in every day meeting, and it is considered, however, only chief worker is only in charge for any purchase, and this is the success of any hotel business. Hotel business needs cooperation with all workers, only for which every day night meeting is conducted, even boss presents at the meeting in ending session.

In case, boss is willing to have, only white chef jacket, all workers would agree, because owner worked in many hotels only as chef therefore, all workers agree to his view. However, boss would be taking opinion of the opposite side people for his view, it would be considered later, when boss is opening a new hotel in same city, this is how hotel business is establishing in many places with same name, this time, boss is buying chef jackets and trousers according to opposite workers view.

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Author is working as chef in a hotel, boss asked him to suggest best uniform for all workers, and author searched on internet and finally found a place,, he is recommending the same to all.

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