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This article discusses how to share posts from others to your Instagram account, how to repost the news of someone else to your story, a story-sharing solution if you are not tagged, and how to repost a picture or video using third-party software.

How to Repost a Story to an Instagram Page?

  • As part of your Instagram story for your fans to see, most Instagram posts created by public accounts can be shared. This is the only official way to share a post on Instagram created by other users, and because of its convenience and how it links back to the original user, it's common.
  • On your iOS or Android smartphone, open the Instagram app and find an Instagram post that you want to share.
  • Click the airplane paper icon > Connect a post to your story.
  • Whether another account is not public, or they have disabled post resharing if you don't see Add Post to your story.
  • In a new Instagram article, the post will now appear embedded. The normal gifs, text, and music can be added now.
  • Click Your Post to be shared as a news story on Instagram.

How to use your account to post an Instagram story?

Although some Instagram stories made by others can be shared with your fans, certain criteria must be met: It must be public with the account.

  • The account must have allowed Instagram story sharing.
  • In the plot, you need to be tagged.
  • You will get a DM alerting you when you're tagged in an Instagram story. You can see a connection in the message if the account tagging you is public and requires you to share its content; to repost this article inside a new story on your account, tap Add this to your story, and then continue with the above instructions.
  • To post one of their Instagram stories, you don't need to follow the account.

If you're not tagged, how to repost an Instagram story?

While various third-party applications encourage you to repost Instagram posts from someone else, there are not any that endorse the reposting of Instagram stories.

One way to get around this limit, though, is to use the screenshot or screen recording functionality of your computer.

There are built-in screenshot and screen capturing feature for both iOS and Android that can be used without installing external software.

For starters, when you're watching it, you could take a screenshot of someone else's Instagram story, instead add that screenshot to a new story. Similarly, to film an Instagram story video, you can use screen capturing, then repost the video in your own story.

The captured video would also include UI elements from the Instagram app while capturing someone else's Instagram story with a screen recording. You can delete these when writing your new story by using two fingers to move and resize the video.

Well, how to Repost an Instagram Video or Photo Message?

There is no built-in way on Instagram to repost pictures or repost images. You'll need to use a third-party app to get around this limit. Luckily, for both iOS and Android, there are a vast number of such applications, and most of them are free to download and use.

For Android devices, repost for Instagram is a good app to use, while Regrammer is a good iOS option. Both applications are free and don't need you to log in with details about your Instagram or Facebook account.

For the iOS device, open the Regrammer app.

  • A notification would ask you to grant permission for the app to view images from your account. Tap OK.
  • If you want to accept updates, the app will query you. It's optional. Tap on Don't Allow or Allow, either.
  •  A welcoming screen with directions will be shown to you. Just tap Skip.
  • On the same screen, open the Instagram app and find the post you'd like to repost.
  • Tap the ellipsis in the Instagram post's top-right section.
  • Tap Connect Copy. Now the connection to this post will be copied to the clipboard on your computer.
  • Regrammer, available. The copied relation was expected to appear automatically in the search field inside the app. Tap the field, execute a long click, and tap Paste if it hasn't.
  • To Preview, tap.
  • They will play a brief video ad. Ignore this and wait until you can load your message.
  • By default, the name of the original Instagram account from which you got the video or picture will not be included in your repost. Tap any of the four square icons to add this account name.
  • Tap Dark to put a black outline around the name of the original poster.
  • Tap on the blue sharing icon when you're ready.
  • On Instagram, tap Repost.
  • The app will seek permission to turn to the app on Instagram. Just tap Open.
  • Tap Feed > Proceed.
  • Edit the picture or video as a filter will typically be applied and the settings changed.
  • Since you’re reposting someone else’s stuff, it’s generally best not to change the way it looks too much. In terms of artwork or skilled photography, this is particularly so.
  • Click the NEXT button.
  • So, when you're making a daily Instagram post, add the post title, hashtags, people tags, and location info.
  • Instagram in a post summary provides for up to 30 hashtags. Hashtags will help people find your message, so having at least a few is a smart idea.
  • Tap Share to publish your post when you are finished. In your key Instagram account feed, it will now be online.

You can also see instagram stories to get to know more about reposting your Instagram stories, vidoes and posts.

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