Glue Guns or Glue Sticks: Tough and Non Toxic

Posted by texet on May 19th, 2015

Glue guns and glue sticks are used for several purposes such as school projects, construction, arts and crafts and manufacturing. Hot glue sticks inserted into a glue gun is exceptionally flexible and very effective in gluing things together.

Hot melt glue sticks contain elements such as wax, ethylene-vinyl acetate, resin, polyester, polyethylene and polyester. These raw materials are manufactured and shaped into cylindrical sticks, but in different circumferences and lengths for different types of glue guns.

Glue guns are often multifunctional, and glue sticks are manufactured to melt in specific temperatures according to the type of gun being used. They have a wealth of uses because they can be used to seal boxes and containers during the packaging process.

A glue gun works by heating the glue stick so that it melts. The melted glue goes down into the dispenser so that when you pull the trigger manually the melted glue will come out through the nozzle. When using a glue gun, you must have a scrap cardboard or aluminum foil where you can set it down. This is because the melted glue tends to drip from the nozzle. You can prevent this by keeping the glue gun turned off when not in use so that the adhesive re-hardens in the melting chamber.

Practice using the glue gun before using it for your project. You may want to try gluing paper together first so that you will get a feel of how it actually works. Do not force the glue stick into the glue gun; the melting chamber will dissolve the stick so that it is ready to glue up things once you press the trigger. Once finished, pull back the stick a little to keep the gun from melting more glue. There will be no need to remove the glue sick as you can use it for your next project.

If you are looking for non-toxic glue sticks, they’re no longer difficult to find these days. However, you must not trust a label that says “non-toxic” immediately. For instance, in the year 2000, some branded crayons with the same label did not live up to their name. For this reason, you must be careful which brands to trust. If you have children, make sure that the glue sticks you use are non-toxic to avoid any health problems. Keep these suggestions in mind to make sure that your children are safe.

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