What is a 3D logo design? Why is it getting so popular?

Posted by Harry on March 24th, 2021

Brands have effectively used logos to increase their brand identity, recognition and communicate their products and services more effectively. To create identity, recognition and marketing edge a logo should be professional and unique. With that said new technology and trends keep on rapidly changing. Brands are moving towards having 3Dimiensional logos.

Since most of the sales today occur through mobile phones and digital platforms, the use of 3Dimensional logos has become important because they look modern, up-to-date. In this article, you will understand what a 3D logo design is and why it is getting popular.

What is a 3D logo design?

Brands have traditionally used 2D logos for their brands but since the internet has become widespread their usage looks outdated and obsolete. That’s why many brands are shifting towards 3Dimensional designs. They are pretty much the same but have an extra dimension that gives the illusion that it’s popping or moving on the screen.

You can redesign your existing logo and make it 3Dimensional and start captivating your audience with a new design. They work the same way as flat logos but have extra charisma and magic in them. So, why not use them for your benefit?

They’re Realistic:

The main benefit you can get by incorporating 3D designs for your business is that they look more realistic and captivating than traditionally used flat logos. They give your emblem altogether new life. When it looks realistic it generates acceptance and trust from customers.

Many renowned brands have switched to 3D logo designs. Apple did this back in 1998 and many brands followed and got their designs. If your target population is young and use the internet then you should go for the 3D logo.  


Your custom logo has to look unique and catchy to grab the attention of your customers. Surely, your flat design did a great job in generating valuable impressions but once you move from print media to social media it is time to change the strategy and start using a 3D emblem to expand your customers and increase market share.

Technology and marketing strategies have greatly evolved in these years and they will continue to change and get more advanced. That’s why it is strongly recommended to go with the change or you will be left behind.

Compatibility with Digital platforms:

Whether it is entrepreneurial start-ups or already well-established brands, they both have completely shifted from traditional methods of marketing and moved towards digital platforms. That’s the new battleground to attract new customers and establish their market base.

The use of traditional emblems in digital platforms will seem like you are getting behind and are not very good to adapt to changes. Well don’t worry, your new 3D emblem will surely stand out from the competition and blend well with digital platforms to give you much-needed consistency.

Increased Reach and Profits:

This is perhaps the most important factor why 3D emblems are getting too much popularity and attention among the brands because it has increased their reach more efficiently and greatly increased their profit margins. Advertising your brand through TV may cost you a lot but through social media, you can reach more people will less budget.

It is every business’s goal to achieve maximum profits with fewer resources. Your 3d buy logo design will enable you to achieve greater profit margins and an increased customer base because through digital platforms you can get way many impressions than print media or TV commercials.


By incorporating a 3Dimensional logo into your business you can surely get many benefits from it. Hopefully, this article has given you full insights into why they are getting popularity and why you should use them.

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