What do different Logo shapes mean and why they’re important

Posted by Harry on March 24th, 2021

Many elements combine and form a logo. Most people think that fonts and colours are important but forget how crucial shapes can be. Fonts and colours indeed play an important role but you shouldn’t forget shapes. They’re the foundation of any design. It is the shapes that people tend to remember easily.

By the end of this article, you will be able to understand what different shapes mean and why they are important.


A round or circle shape has been used for a very long time in logos. Many famous brands use circles on their designs. The Olympic logo consists of circles because it represents togetherness, inclusiveness, support and love. They may also represent calmness and gentleness.

That’s why you see many businesses that are engaged in agricultural and dairy products include circles on their logos.

Rectangles and Squares:

Rectangles and squares can have a lot of meanings but most widely they are the sign of trust, stability, professionalism and boldness. That’s why you see British Broadcasting Corporation and Microsoft use squares in their design. Through using these forms many brands have successfully instilled their personality into the minds of the population.

Though, squares have been used by a lot of businesses and have become more common. That’s the reason you see why they don’t create much impact.


Triangles are not as common as squares or rectangles. They too have different meanings but mostly they represent power and adventure. They also work effectively for those brands whose products are different from mainstream brands. That’s another reason why you’ll see most travel and tours businesses incorporate triangles in their buy custom logo design. 

Adidas too uses a triangle for its logo because it offers products for athletes and they perfectly personify power and adventure. 

Organic Shapes:

They don’t have any defined shape and edge. They are also called natural shapes because they take the shape of naturally occurring things like Trees. They are not much commonly used and therefore can grab the attention of people with their unusual shapes.

Due to this reason, many businesses that offer health services or cater to health-conscious segments often use these shapes for their branding.

Vertical and Horizontal Lines:

Lines also carry different meanings. Vertical lines mean reaching heights of greatness, strength, progression and a strong base. Horizontal lines on the other hand, mean calmness and security. DHL has horizontal lines on its logo. They deliver packages to you with calmness and ensure your package is secure. Makes sense right.

Before adding lines to your emblem, it is important to understand what your brand has to offer. Just don’t randomly put lines before understanding their meanings. Otherwise, it will not make any sense and your logo may send different meanings and interpretation.


In the past, brands would use different shapes and lines to look attractive but those days are gone. Today, they carry different meanings and different interpretations. So, knowing and understanding is important for you if you are planning to design your custom logo design services.

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