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Posted by Horizongoodwill on May 19th, 2015

Are your bookshelves running out of space? Donating books to charity can free up valuable space. Donating your books is certainly the better option compared to throwing them away. It lets other people enjoy your old and unwanted hardbacks and paperbacks while freeing up space for new books.

Find a reputable and well-known charitable organization in Maryland that accepts book donations. Before you go, learn what types of books can be donated. Most reputable charities will accept anything from paperback to hardcover books, children's books, and comic books. Avoid donating newspapers and magazines, outdated textbooks, and any type of pornographic material.

Discover what happens to the books once you donate them. The books are typically sold for a good cause, and the proceeds used to help other people. One of the reputable charities in Maryland provides almost 90-percent of all revenue from donations to provide job training to local citizens with barriers to employment and/or disabilities. Choosing to donate books to a charity that supports a reasonable and realistic cause provides you the opportunity to give back, help the less fortunate, and improve the local community.

There are book donation drives in Maryland that accept other types of media donations, too, such as DVDs and CDs, vinyl records, and videos. Your old media could be someone's treasure, so if you no longer want them and they are still in good working condition, consider donating them to a charity in Maryland along with your used books.

Some of the most reputable charities that accept book donations in Maryland can pick up your donations within the city limits of Hagerstown and Cumberland. Alternatively, you can look up their locations online and find one that is nearest you. This way, you can personally drop off the books and meet some of the people running the charity. Do not forget to ask for a receipt of your items and keep it for tax purposes.

Most donations are tax deductible. Be sure to keep the receipt of your donation and complete the IRS Form 8283 when you file your taxes. Itemize your deductions and attach it to the tax return. Consult with a tax adviser when determining the fair market value of your donations. IRS Publication 526 indicates that all non-profit organizations are prohibited from placing estimates or values to donated items. In most cases, the amount that you can deduct is based on the donated items' fair market value.

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