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Posted by sere on March 25th, 2021

Many food flexible packaging bags are required high transparency, using the blank base film to compound of large area, but sometimes present transparency undesirable phenomena, professional manufacturer of soft food flexible packaging flat Dali food flexible packaging thought this with adhesive, basal membrane elements such as have a lot to do.


1, the adhesive itself color too deep


deep yellow, yellow, red, sometimes even soy sauce soup that is dark red, on the film and the corresponding color.


so, under the requiring high transparency, should choose light yellow, even the colorless adhesive.


2, adhesive solution mixed with dust and other particles in the


too much dust in the air of workshop environment, glue drying after blow hot air in has in the tiny dust, glued, on the surface of the rubber composite was sandwiched between two sheet base film center, there are many small points, not transparent.


this is about to use adhesive solution 180 wire mesh filter, despite the insoluble particles of adhesive solution, also watch for workshop clean sanitation, let the light on the earth, arid dry, no dust, the dust in the air is less, bake, the inlet of high mesh filter or other available in the eradication of hot air dust filter data.


3, the surface tension of the basement membrane is not high,


adhesive solution for it cannot be evenly moist, to shorten, monotonous after a film is not uniform, bit by bit, owe good transparency, surface tension is greater than 38 mn/m in this film, or from the beginning, reoccupy after qualified.


4, adhesive of the lack of liquidity, poor flattening


at this time to switch to liquid adhesive, or can use a bit of a flat solvent, but avoid too much residual solvents and the peculiar smell smell problem of the present.


5, the gluing quantity lack of


the margin, with small air bubble, spotted or opaque, must check the amount of glue, make its satisfaction and uniform.


6, adhesive glue hygroscopic liquid itself, have become turbid, have not solute


please start with glue, and use of water, alcohol, acid, amine reactive solvent, etc.


7, a began to enter the path when the temperature is too high,


drab too fast, make glue layer on the surface of the solvent active transpiration, forms part of the surface layer adhesive solution concentration, surface crust.


then when internal heat to deepen to the adhesive solution layer beneath the skin membrane solvent evaporation, break film, constitute a caldera ring, round, also make the rubber is not uniform, opaque.


so baked road from the entrance to the exit temperature, should be gradually, from low to high, let solvent orderly, continuously from internal to external transpiration.


other, can use different boiling point solvents, rubber surface when heated evaporation of high boiling point solvents to save a long time, without conjunctival surface crust.


but to ensure that the same amount of residual solvents qualified, there is no bad smell peculiar smell.


8, compound rubber roller have shortcomings


a point pressure, gap, opaque.


so often to see, if there are faults, even small, good also want to change.                 

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