Which Dawn Foods Donuts Does Your Bakery Need

Posted by Ryan Stover on March 25th, 2021

Donuts are a classic treat beloved around the world. While the exact recipes for them change from country to country, city to city, the fact remains that donuts are globally loved and well-deserving of it. That makes donuts a mainstay in bakeries and a great option to have on your bakery’s menu. Every bakery should offer at least a few types of donuts for sale, possibly choosing them by seasonality. You should pick the flavors that you think will go over well with the customers in your area and choose your supplies based on that. To make donut preparations easier on you, you can just choose from the mixes and bases of Dawn Foods donuts, which feature high-quality ingredients and cut your prep time down significantly. Their products provide consistent quality and their catalog of flavors is large enough for you to take your pick. But how do you choose? If you break down some of the flavors that donuts come in, it should help you to decide what would be best for your shop. Let's take a look at some of the types of flavors you might want for your customers.

Old Favorites
It’s hard to go wrong with the classics. A handful of donut flavors are good for bringing in to a party when you do not know everyone’s tastes. These flavors work for a large number of people because they are the old familiar flavors that we have had growing up. Even if they are not our favorites, we will have a hard time saying no when offered. A good donut selection is not complete without an old-fashioned buttermilk cake donut. You really need this one for the folks who like to keep it simple. You also want to make sure you have a good devil’s food cake donut for the chocolate lovers out there. One of the Dawn Foods donuts that caught a bit of attention when it came out was the sour cream mix. People were excited to see this classic flavor finally make its debut as a mix.

Fruity Flavors
While these flavors are not as frequently seen as the “old guard” of donut flavors, these are ones that you will still see requests for time and time again. For any kind of baked good or sweet treat, you will see people asking if there is an option with their favorite fruit flavors available. From a fresh blueberry cake donut for breakfast to a sweet strawberry donut during lunch and a cherry cake donut to end the day as dessert. These flavors of Dawn Foods donuts are good to have on standby to offer customers their favorite fruits as dessert options.

Something Different
Although you might not think to offer donut flavors like these because they are less common and do not pop up in your mind right away, they are absolutely great additions to your menu. More unique flavors are great to have on your menu because they provide something that we all need a bit of: variety. As much as we might love our favorites, we know that we eventually will want to break it up with something completely different. Excite people and spark some curiosity about new, interesting recipes. You can have fun with these options and make them seasonal like pumpkin spice donuts in autumn or red velvet cake donuts in the winter, so people can get excited to try them even more.

Once you have an idea of what you want to offer, go for it. Pick out all of the donut mixes and bases you need to give your bakery a great selection of delicious donuts. Dawn Foods donuts will make adding this category to your menu an easy process. You can find all of these amazing flavors online at stovercompany.com along with even more flavors not mentioned here.

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