How Much Does It Cost To Build A Poker Game App?

Posted by Jhon Oliver on March 25th, 2021

Poker is a long-established game being played and loved worldwide regardless of its nature (being online or offline). However, the poker game development technology has added the next level of fun and excitement to this conventional game. The online game comes with added convenience, exciting reward points, and other features that keep players engaged for a long time. A feature-rich and engaging poker game app attracts a massive number of users and lets business reap enormous ROI. Thus, if you are looking for a lucrative game app idea, consider building a Poker game app with some powerful and unique features. 

However, like other game apps, developing a poker game app can be a challenging task and big investment. Thus, you must have in-depth know-how of every aspect before starting the development. You must know the cost you may need to spend on overall development, functionality, features, and other factors. 

We are making things a bit easier for you. Here is a quick guide to help understand important points related to poker app development, including its cost estimation. Let’s start with understanding some crucial features. 

Key Features to Consider for Poker Game App 

  • Multilingual Support

Since poker is a globally popular game, you can attract users across the world to your app. However, you need to offer multiple language options so that users from different countries can use the app conveniently. 

  • Social Media Integration

Let players share their game victory with their friends and family on social media and invite them to play along. Social media integration boosts user experience and increases the user base. 

  • Easy to Use and Engaging 

Your poker game app should be user friendly so that players find it easy to get started and play the game. There should not be complex and rare design components that may confuse users. The game design should be simple yet attractive enough to keep users engaged throughout and encourage them to keep coming back. 

  • Multiple Payment Choices 

Payment flexibility is an essential factor in order to improve the user retention rate. There should be multiple payment options so that users can do transactions using their preferred mode. 

  • Multiple Currency Supportive 

Like multiple languages, there should be multiple currency options so that users from different countries can do seamless transactions. 

  • Live User Chat

Integrate a live chat option to allow users to communicate with friends, opponents, or other players in between the game. This will add up to the gaming experience. 

  • Game History

Users should be able to check their game history, including their victories, points earned, and more. 

  • Cross-browser and Device Compatibility 

Your Poker app should be compatible with different devices including smartphones, tablets, PC, and more. Also, it should work on all main browsers. 

Ensure to cover all the above features as it will help you reach a wide number of customers and improve the overall gaming experience. Now, let’s check what process you will need to follow for developing an engaging poker app. 

Poker Game Development Process 

  1. Research 

Even if you may know a lot about poker, you need to study it carefully to understand its exact functionality and other details. Also, you need to do market research to find out the competitors, target audience, users' expectations, latest gaming trends, and other essential factors. This thorough study will help you come up with a unique and more impressive poker app. 

  1. Plan

In this stage, you have to decide what features and functionality you want to offer and plan the development accordingly. 

  1. Game Design 

Design is the most important step that will have a lion's share in the success of your Poker app. You need to design an interactive and engaging game interface that can entice users. First, create a map for the poker game by considering all the game stages, functionality, game story, and features. Using the map, the designers can start designing the actual game. They can use high-quality graphics and the latest game design trends to create an engrossing game interface. 

  1. Development  

As the functionality and performance is the key aspect of a poker app, you need to pay close attention to the coding part. Choose the experienced Poker software developers who can use the latest back-end and front-end frameworks and can write scalable code. Make sure to code for all the functionality and features during the development process. 

  1. Testing 

Once you have created an initial version of the game, do thorough testing to detect and fix bugs. Perform both functional and non-functional testing to inspect overall aspects of the app and ensure its flawless functioning. 

  1. App Launch 

After rigorous testing, your poker app is ready to launch. You need to comply with all the app store guidelines and requirements to launch the app successfully. 

Cost to Build a Poker Game App 

As seen above, there are a lot of factors needed to consider when developing a poker game app. And the development cost depends on all these and more other factors. 

  1. Design and Development Complexity 

The cost may vary according to the complexity of functionality and features you want to integrate. For instance, if you want to add the latest technologies like Cryptocurrency payment or Blockchain or wish to add advanced features. 

  1. Platform 

Your choice of platform will affect the development cost. Decide whether you want to build a poker app for IOS, Android, or Windows. You can also consider building a hybrid game that operates on every mobile OS. Though a hybrid app development may cost you higher, it can help you get a wider user base. 

  1. Promotion and Marketing

You also have to invest in pre-launch promotion and post-launch marketing campaigns to reach the right audience, get maximum downloads and retain users. 

  1. Hiring Professionals 

The most crucial aspect affecting the cost is hiring developers, designers, and other professions who can help you build a highly functional app. Hiring a poker game development company can be more cost-effective than hiring freelance professionals, as it will help save costs and ensure quality outcomes. 

You may have different requirements and choices related to different aspects of the poker game app. Thus, it is difficult to mention an exact cost. However, an estimated cost to build a poker game app can be around 00 and 000. The cost may increase if you need 2D or 3D games, or need a hybrid app, or want to add advanced features. 

On a Final Note!

The budget may be a crucial factor when building a poker app. However, you must not comprise the app functionality or other aspects over the cost. Be wise with the choice of platform, features, and poker software developers so that you can get a powerful app. 

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