How Much Does It Cost To Build an App Like Ludo King?

Posted by Jhon Oliver on March 25th, 2021

Launched in 2016, Ludo King has become one of the most popular game apps with around 500 million downloads as of December 2020. It has around 32 million daily active users. Due to the immense popularity and massive user base, the makers of Ludo King app have earned revenue of around million in 2020. 

It's amazing how a conventional board game turned into a giant digital success. Of course, major credit goes to advanced technology. Seeing the massive success of this board game, many businesses, entrepreneurs, and business enthusiasts wish to invest in ludo game app development and introduce their app like Ludo. Are you one of them?

But where to start from? What’s the process? And most importantly, how much will it cost to build an engrossing application like a Ludo game? All such questions must be bombarding your mind. This post will solve most of your doubts and help you get to developing the next successful Ludo app. 

How to Build a Game App like Ludo? 

Like other apps, developing a Ludo game app requires you to follow a thorough process and pay attention to every detail. Below are the steps you need to consider. 

  1. Understanding The Basics 

Before starting any venture or working on an idea, you must know all the basics and have background knowledge. Likewise, to build a Ludo-like app, you must know how it is played and other basic aspects. Here is how the ludo game works: 


Essential aspects to cover in the Ludo game app:

Ludo Board 

A square board with cross-shaped game space. Each side of the cross has three square-shaped columns (six per column). The center columns have five colored squares representing each player's home column.


Each player has four game pieces (token) of unique colors. 


A dice decides the movement of a player's token.


When playing online, Ludo can have single or up to four human players. 

Game Play 

Each player selects one of the four colors for tokens and positions them in the respective square or circle. Each player throws the dice and moves the token according to the number. If the player gets number 6 on the dice, he/she can get all pieces out. The goal of players is to move across the board and reach their respective house column in the center. To win the game, a player must have all four pieces in their house.

  1. Research 

Before starting developing an app like Ludo, you must study the game market thoroughly. In this research, you need to identify current gaming trends, target audience, and users’ interests and expectations. This will help you add a unique perspective to the Ludo app and provide users with an enhanced game experience. 

  1. Design and Development 

When designing and developing the Ludo game app, you must cover all the essential features and different modes, as mentioned below: 

Key Features of Ludo App 

User App Features 

Online/Offline Access

Along with an online game, you must offer offline access to the players for uninterrupted gameplay. Players should be able to access every function of the app without internet connectivity. This feature helps improve the user retention rate and offers a seamless gaming experience. 

Daily Bounces & Free Coins

A bonus program is the best way to motivate users to use your app regularly. Offer daily bonuses, free coins or reward points to the players to keep and enhance their interest in your app. 

Private Chat Room 

Let users communicate in real-time with other players or friends through a private chat room feature. This will add next-level fun to the Ludo game and boost user engagement. 

Real Money Game 

Allow players to use real money during the gameplay. This will make the game more engaging and interactive and help you attract more players. However, the deposit and withdrawal of cash should be quick and easy. 

Invite Friends

Let players recommend the app to their friends and family on social media and receive a referral bonus. This will help increase your user base and improve brand visibility. Also, allow players to invite friends to join their private game. 

User-friendly and Intuitive UI

The Ludo game is quite easy to understand and play. Don’t make it look difficult by designing a completed interface. The UI design should be user-friendly and attractive enough to keep users engaged. 

Admin App Features 

User Management 

Admin can track and manage users’ activities and profiles effortlessly. 

Smart Notifications

Send push notifications about the game status to the users to entice them to come back and play. 


Add a detailed dashboard showing statistics and analytics about the game. 

Referral Management 

Admin can easily track and manage all the referrals by users and reward points through this feature. 

Payment and Wallet Management 

This feature lets the admin monitor and manage all the transitions and payment details of users. 

Game Setting 

Admin can access different game settings like a sound option, two-factor-authentication, notifications, game tutorials, and more to improve the game experience on the app. 

Modes of Ludo Game App 

There are different game modes you must cover in the Ludo game app for more interesting gameplay and better user engagement. 

  1. Computer Mode 

A user doesn't need someone to play along with. He/she can play with the computer or use the computer model to improve game skills.

  1. Local Mode 

With this mode, users can play with their family and friends on the same device. The local mode adds more fun and thrill to the game. 

  1. Multiplayer Private Mode

Users can play with friends and family members on social media by creating their own virtual team. 

  1. Multiplayer Worldwide Mode

With this mode, users can play with other players across the world that are online. You can allow users to play with around 2 to 6 players.

Now you know all the basics of the Ludo game app and have an idea where to start from. It is time to reach out to a reliable Ludo game app development company to assist you with the technical part. Choose the company that has proven expertise in building game apps like Ludo. Also, check reviews, testimonials, quality of service, turnaround time, and other crucial aspects.  

Ludo Game App Development Cost

The cost to build an app like Ludo depends on your specific requirements and on a range of factors, such as:

  • Platform 

Your choice of platform can affect the overall development cost. Developing a native app for iOS, Android, or Windows platforms may be an expensive option compared to cross-platform development. 

  • Hiring Professionals 

To build a high-performing Ludo application you require hiring different professionals such as designers, developers, QA, and more, which may add up to your expenses. Hiring a ludo game development company is a more cost-effective option, as you will get a team of professionals along with quality service. The cost may vary from company to company depending on the quality of service and experience. 

  • Advanced Features and Functionality

Adding advanced features and functionality increases the worth of your app and helps attract more users. This may also affect the overall development cost. 

  • Ludo Game Design  

Design plays a crucial role in the success of your Ludo game app. You need to invest enough time and money to design a highly engaging game and app UI. You may require adding high-quality graphics and using the latest 3D techniques. This may also increase the cost. 

Overall, the cost will vary according to your specific choices and requirements. Thus, it may be difficult to mention the exact figure. Still, you must be prepared to spend between 00 to 000 to get a feature-rich, scalable, and robust Ludo app. 

In Conclusion 

Building a game app like Ludo is a big investment requiring you to spend enough time and money on every aspect. To make your investment worthwhile, you need to make intelligent decisions; be it hiring Ludo app developers or choosing the features and functionality.  

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