What To Consider When Developing iGaming Software?

Posted by Jhon Oliver on March 25th, 2021

The global iGaming market is expected to reach over 92.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. This means investing in the iGaming business is an absolutely wise and lucrative decision. However, it takes a lot of things to run a successful gambling venture, especially when the competition is so high. And an iGaming software development is one of those crucial things. You must come up with a powerful iGaming software that meets and exceeds growing customer demands. 

But how can you achieve that? 

With our extensive experience in the iGaming arena, we have learned what it takes to build a high-performing gambling software for various niches. And we wish to share the same with you. Here we have explained a few important things that you must consider for developing the best iGaming software. 

  1. Selecting the Right Game 

Bettors all over the world have varying interests and choices. While some prefer betting on popular sports like Football, Cricket, and NBA, others are passionate about online casino games. Thus, choosing the right idea for your iGaming software is your biggest task. For this, research the current iGaming industry and identify the games or sports that are currently most popular. By offering one of those popular sports or games on your iGaming platform, you can attract a good audience. You can also provide multiple games on your platform for better user engagement.  

  1. Deep Market Research 

Once you decide on the game or sport, consider performing in-depth market research to identify your target audience, competitors, and latest trends. This research data will help you develop the most advanced iGaming software that will stand out from the crowd and get you a competitive edge. 

  1. Licencing and Legalities

Whether you are developing the software on your own or choosing one of the best iGaming software companies, ensure to get a gambling license. Also, you must know and follow all the legalities related to iGaming, in a particular region where you want to operate your iGaming platform. This is quite essential to survive your iGaming software and venture into the industry. 

  1. Choosing Reliable Payment Gateways 

Players choose to play on the iGaming platform that offers secure payment and flexible options. They expect a high level of confidentiality, security, and convenience when doing transactions on your software. Thus, it is essential to integrate the most reliable payment gateways into your iGaming software. This will help you increase credibility on your platform and win customers’ trust.

  1. Emphasize Advanced Technologies 

You must look for and integrate advanced technology trends into your iGaming software to offer an enhanced gaming experience to the audience and keep them hooked. A cutting-edge software will help you stay ahead in the iGaming market. Technologies like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, AR/VR, and more are becoming an integral part of the gambling world by improving iGaming operations. 

  1. Stunning And Intuitive Design 

The UI/UX design is the key to attract and retain users to your iGaming software. Focus on creating simple yet attractive user interfaces using the latest design trends and creativity. Don’t add complicated design components and navigation that may confuse users. Also, don’t forget about the multiple device compatibility when designing the UI/UX. Your software should look good on different devices including PC, laptops, and smartphones. 

Besides the user interface, you must emphasize designing engaging games. Use high-quality graphics and smooth animations to offer a fun gaming experience and boost players' engagement. 

  1. Engaging Features 

Your software should cover all the basic and advanced features that can entice users to become loyal customers and ensure smooth betting operations. Here is a list of features you must consider:

  • Multilingual Support

  • Multiple Currency Support 

  • Reward and Loyalty Program 

  • Live Scoreboard

  • Live Chat

  • Cryptocurrency Support

  • Admin Dashboard 

  • Social Media Sharing

  • Multiple Bet Types 

  1. Scalable Development

When developing an iGaming software, you must choose the right frameworks and write quality code. This will help you build scalable, robust software that can withstand growing customer base and gambling operations. 

  1. Security 

Security is another aspect affecting customer trust and your software’s success. You must emphasize integrating robust security features and technologies into your software to ensure secure and confidential betting operations. All the information, including players' data, payment details, and betting activities should be safeguarded against cyber attacks. Consider using a risk management system that identifies and eliminates the potential and existing risks in the software. 

  1. Thorough Testing 

Testing plays a crucial role when developing an iGaming software. You need to perform different types of functional and non-functional tests including usability, design, compatibility, user acceptance, regression, and more. This will ensure that your software doesn't contain any performance glitches and works well on different devices.

On a Final Note! 

It takes a deep understanding of the technologies, gambling market, and gaming trends to create a robust and outcome-driven iGaming software. Also, you need to invest enough time and effort during all phases of the development. Thus, if you don’t specialize in development or don’t have a technical background, it is wise to seek professional assistance. You can reach out to one of the reliable iGaming software companies who can understand your unique needs and provide you with the best solutions and service. This will save your time and let you focus on other crucial aspects, such as marketing and promotion.  

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