The visit to the popular travel destination in China

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Are you planning to visit China? It's good if you have some knowledge about the place before visiting.

Here's your complete guide to the most famous places of China Travel.

Travelling to the world's most populated country is something interesting to do. Talking about the population, China has about 1.4 billion population. If you are travelling to a vast city like China, you need a long tour to cover everything. China has a large number of cultural and historical places and also completely different modern and advanced cities.

Here are the top two places which make China travel much interesting.

Beijing Walking Tour:

If you read anything about China, you must have got to know about Beijing. Being China's capital for 700 years, you will get to see both ancient and modern touch. It is a must-go place to discover the ancient sites and learn about history. It's one of the most visited places in China. Beijing being the capital has flights and trains from popular cities. Coming for China travel, you must experience a Beijing Walking Tour.

Other than this, you can't miss the view of the Great Wall of China. You must do a Beijing walking tour to enjoy the sight of the world's longest wall, and this is what Beijing is famous for. The Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven are some other destinations whose attractions draw tourists to china travel. Apart from the Beijing Walking tour, bike riding in the narrow paths is a beautiful option to learn more about tradition and culture.

Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days, where the culture and festive celebration is the reason millions of tourists come to the Beijing Walking Tour.

Shanghai Jewish History:

The china travel is incomplete without visiting Shanghai. Being China's biggest city, Shanghai can compete with New York and Paris in terms of uniqueness and modernity. It is also the leading city in terms of business and economics.

Apart from modernity, it has a vast Shanghai Jewish History. It is rich in literature, art, and sociology. China travel remains incomplete without studying the Shanghai Jewish History which can be done in a half-day tour. It is known for its history that thousands of Jewish refugees have migrated and lived in Shanghai at the time of World War II.


When in China, you get to know more about the culture as most of the tourists are from China itself. China Travel is much more than historic stories and modern lifestyle. China Travel becomes interesting after covering the most popular tourist destination Beijing's Great Wall of China and Shanghai Jewish history.

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