The Benefits of Using an Accounting Firm for Finance Recruitment in Sydney

Posted by Calibre Business Advisory on March 25th, 2021

Finding high-quality talent can be a challenge, particularly in the finance and accounting sector. A job advertisement tends to attract hundreds of hopeful applicants and it can take weeks for an in-house HR department to sift through job applications and conduct multiple rounds of interviews.

With that in mind, many businesses are now turning towards using accounting firms for finance recruitment in Sydney. Partnering with an established accounting recruitment firm will ensure that the candidates you receive are high quality and possess relevant skills, experience, and a professional, positive attitude that will benefit your company.

Continue reading to discover the top benefits of using an accounting firm for your finance recruitment needs.

Industry knowledge

A financial accounting recruitment firm will possess years of experience working in accounting and the broader business sector. They understand the industry landscape, including the types of challenges and opportunities facing both employees and employers today. This knowledge can be used to find applicants whose knowledge, experience, and skills are tailored to your requirements.

Don’t risk hiring someone only to find a few weeks into the job that they are not up to the task.


Faster process of hiring

If not done correctly, hiring a new employee can take weeks longer than expected. In today’s fast-paced industry landscape, this is simply too long to go without important personnel. An understaffed team is less efficient, which can have a significant impact on business operations and client satisfaction.

An accounting recruitment firm providing recruitment services will already have a long-list of qualified candidates on their books and can fill your vacant position in a matter of days.

Use external resources

One major advantage of using external recruiters is that it frees up internal staff to focus on their own responsibilities. An internal human resources team is likely to be busy with compliance, payroll, termination, and other important duties. Hiring new employees is a lengthy and involved process; let an external team do the heavy lifting for you.

Relevant hiring experience

An accounting recruitment firm will have employees that possess experience working in both finance and human resources. They understand what your business is looking for in terms of experience and personal attributes. All of their candidates will have already undergone rigorous interviews to ensure that they bring a professional, positive attitude to your team.

Peace of mind

Even after conducting multiple rounds of interviews, it’s sometimes difficult to be sure that the candidate you have selected is right for the job. This isn’t an issue when you hire through an accounting recruitment firm. You can rest assured that their suggested candidates are the cream of the crop — the firm’s reputation depends on it!

Hiring an accountant or financial specialist is no small task. You need to have absolute confidence that the person looking after your company’s finances has the skills and experience to do a good job. By using finance recruitment in Sydney you can leave the hiring to the professionals and be certain that the candidates you receive are a perfect fit for your needs.


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