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Posted by John Smith on May 20th, 2015

Today, on 19th May, 2015, we launch this article discussing the uber ridesharing app and how to make extra income.
One of our basic needs as responsible contributing adults in a functioning society is making money. Making money to pay for daily bills; Making money to pay for furtherance of our education; Making money to take care of our loved ones and Making money to pay our debts (credit cards/otherwise). Unfortunately, the reality of life is that it takes money to make money - or is it?
With Uber (a ridesharing service), you can now make supplementary or steady income using otherwise dormant resources. By dormant resources, I mean your car that just sits in the garage or on the side of the road while you wonder/ponder on your next money making venture. For the purposes of this write-up I will be talking specifically about the Uber Black Car service.
At this point, you are probably asking how Uber works. Uber is a technology company that provides technology (software) solutions for members of the ridesharing eco-system. For the Uber Driver (also called Uber Partner), Uber provides a mobile application (IOS/Android) which alerts him/her on requests for services. For the Uber passenger, Uber provides a mobile application that allows a passenger request a car pickup on demand.
One of the things that make the Uber service really special is the fact that it is a cashless ecosystem. In the next couple of sentences I will give a brief overview of the Uber Business Model: Upon completing a ride, there is no need to pay cash to the driver, the Uber software handles payments. The Uber passenger upon signing up for Uber, is required to store a credit card which is used henceforth for all transactions between the Uber Passenger and any Uber Partner (Uber driver). Uber makes money by taking a percentage of the fees paid by the Uber Passenger, and what is left is paid via direct deposit to the Uber Partner.
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Author wanted to make extra income and as a result researched owning an uber car service (the new taxi service)- for information on earning more income and ultimately starting your own car service business visit:

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