5 Simple Ways to Make Your Champagne Glasses Spotlessly Clean

Posted by everten on May 20th, 2015

Stemware like champagne glasses requires extra care during cleaning. It can be hard to make them spotless using typical washing methods for ordinary glasses. Placing them in a dishwasher also isn't a good idea, as these delicate crystal champagne glasses may break or chip inside. That said, it is not difficult to clean them at all, even if they are made of crystal. These five tips should help you clean champagne glasses carefully and safely.

1.    The easiest way to clean a champagne glass is to rinse it a few times with hot water until residual wine goes away. Make sure that the water's temperature is about 83 degrees Celsius or higher since that is the best temperature to sterilise glass. Put the glass upside down on a clean, lint-free towel and allow it to air dry.

2.    Use a small drop of mild detergent and place it in the glass before partially filling the bowl with hot water. It is recommended that you place the detergent on the rim and bottom of the champagne glass to prevent the soap from contaminating the wine's flavour. Hold the bowl as you sponge with your other hand to get rid of the stain. Rinse thoroughly to prevent residue.

3.    Sometimes, mild detergent and hot water may not work on tough stains like stubborn lipstick marks and wine that has remained in the champagne glass for too long. In that case, try baking soda to remove the residue.

4.    It is okay to put a non-crystal champagne glass inside the dishwasher. Use the shortest cycle for non-greasy glasses, and use a small amount of detergent for dirtier glasses. Avoid using rinse aids. When the cycle is finished, remove the champagne glasses immediately from the dishwasher and wipe them with a lint-free cotton dish towel or a microfibre cloth.

5.    Grease and lipstick stains can be removed by wiping the glass carefully with a paper towel before washing. If there are soap residues or water stains, steam the glass by holding it upside down over a pot, pan, or a kettle of boiling water. Position the champagne glass at a safe angle above the kettle and allow fog to form on the stained area. Wipe carefully with a cloth.

It is recommended that you clean champagne glasses carefully for visual clarity and hygiene. A spotlessly clean glass will enhance the aesthetic and olfactory senses when you use it to enjoy your favourite champagne.

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