Instagram Marketing Strategy: 13 Most Powerful Tips to Excel in 2021

Posted by Parth Shah on March 25th, 2021

With 1.074 billion users worldwide in 2021 (source: Oberlo), Instagram is surely one of the biggest social media platforms. So it’s best for any business to constantly maintain a wise marketing strategy on Instagram. It’s true that marketing on Instagram is really competitive. But with the leading Instagram Marketing Company in India, impossible is nothing. Here’s sharing 13 powerful tips with which you’ll just slay it on the internet! Keep on reading!

Instagram Marketing Strategies to Excel in 2021

So I can assume that you have already set up your business handle on Instagram. Now for effective marketing follow the pro tips below. 

  1. Using a Business Account is a Must: To excel in growing your business on Instagram, using a business account is a must. You’ll get a lot of features with a business account, unlike a personal account. 

  1. Define Your Business Goals Clearly: Before you work on Instagram marketing, just think clearly about what you expect from this platform. Is it getting increased brand awareness or getting new leads or selling or creating a strong online presence? Define your business goals properly. 

  1. A Mandatory Profile Optimization: Your profile photo and description are the first things your customers see when they visit your profile. So optimizing the profile with all the necessary information is a must. Check the following:

  • Your name should be written in 30 characters

  • Your username or name of the business handle should have 30 characters 

  • Your website’s URL should be there in the description. It must be clickable and changeable as per your requirements. 

  • Your business category should be mentioned.

  • Valid contact info should be there for easy communication

  • Share an easy way to reach you directly from your business profile page. 

  1. Set the Right Profile Picture: The right profile photo gives the customers credibility about the brand. For most brands, the profile photo is their logo. So set the proper size of the profile picture for your brand. For more detailed insights on Instagram marketing, reach out to the best social media agency in Mumbai. 

  1. Create Contents that are Visually Appealing: Instagram is a medium that is dominated by appealing visual contents. So for creating a gripping effect on the target customers’ mind, you should share compelling visual contents. Here are some ideas you can apply for your brand:

  • Videos of 60 secs, exciting IGTV posts etc.

  • Behind the scenes posts with your office images, work process etc.

  • Quotes of famous people from your niche

  • Text-based visual contents

  • Teaching the users the use of your products

  • Compelling reels of any events etc. 

  • User-generated contents are very authentic and gripping. 

  1. Decide the Look of Your Brand on Instagram: Colour influences the buying decisions of the users. So as you work on the content on your Instagram page, you must also decide the look of your brand on the page. You should be consistent in using the look throughout the posts on the page. This will help your users recognize your posts easily among lots of your competitors’ posts. 

  1. Don’t Ignore the Power of Great Captions: While Instagram is a visually dominated platform, you still can not ignore the power of great captions on the platform. You can write your brand voice in the form of captions. The captions can be 2200 characters long, but HootSuite recommends 138-150 characters for organic posts and 125 characters for Instagram ads. Keep in mind that your captions should be relevant, informative, compelling and entertaining. 

  1. Use Relevant Hashtags: Using hashtags are the most crucial way to increase the visibility of your brand. Although you can use up to 30 hashtags, we recommend you to use between 5 - 9 hashtags per post. The hashtags must be relevant to your business and specific to your niche. 

  1. Engage with Your Audience: For creating engagement on Instagram, you must be engaged with your audience. You must interact with each and every comment you get on the posts you publish on your account. Also, you should comment on other posts relevant to your niche in order to increase engagement. 

  1. Use Instagram Stories for More Leads: Instagram stories are a great tool to get leads. With this, you can add value to your followers, tell stories to your customers, use call-to-action to let them take your desired action etc. For expert guidance on the best marketing for your business, reach out to the top Instagram marketing agency. 

  1. Use Instagram Stories Highlight Covers: Instagram stories highlight covers add an extra component to the bio. It gives potential followers a lot of information about the business. It also gives them a reason to follow your brand. Use this feature effectively to grow your business on Instagram. 

  1. Partner with the Influencers for More Reach: Partnering with influencers will let your brand reach out to a new set of audiences. Recommendation from the Influencers works like wonders in social media. All you need to do is harness the power of the Influencers to grow your brand. 


  1. Know the Right Time to Post and Act Accordingly: The perfect time for an Instagram post depends on the industry you are working in. So know the right time for posing for your business and maintain this time throughout. For example, if you are into media and entertainment, Tuesday and Thursday from 12 to 3 PM are the perfect times for posting. Again, if you are into the Education business, Thursday at 4 or 5 PM would be the ideal time to post. 

Apart from these organic ways, you can expand your audience base with the help of paid ads on Instagram and refine your marketing strategy with the help of analytics. You can always analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and modify it as and when needed. 

So these are 13 powerful tips on successful marketing on Instagram. Digitactix is the best place for comprehensive digital marketing for your business. So for any type of related requirements Get in Touch with us.

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