Benefits Of Installing A Gas Fireplace Insert

Posted by Michael Griffin on March 25th, 2021

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Fireplaces remain among the top desired amenities in America. Its ability to warm the room both temperature-wise and aesthetically is unparalleled. But their design has seen many changes in function and looks. Many homeowners use a gas fireplace insert in Denver instead of a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Gas fireplaces have emerged as convenient alternatives to traditional fireplaces. With them, you don’t have to worry about storing wood. They come with modern features that improve their safety and efficiency.

When it comes to designs, you can find models that mimic the look of wood fireplaces or have ultra-modern aesthetics.

Here’s why you should consider installing a gas-fueled system:

Simple To Install

You don’t need a chimney to install a gas fireplace. This saves you the trouble of having your walls dug and reconstructed. Your technician can divert the gas supply to the room you want to place the insert in and add venting. If you already have a chimney, then the installation process might become even simpler.

You don’t need to contact a gas supplier if you don’t have a natural gas pipeline already. Many models run on propane instead of natural gas. This fuel is usually stored in a separate tank at home and connected to the fireplace.

Continuous Flame Possible

A gas outdoor fireplace in Denver can burn constantly as long as the supply is available. You don’t have to keep inserting logs into the flame or turning them. They won’t die out even if you leave them unattended (never leave a fire unattended).

Easy To Operate

It’s easy to operate a gas fireplace insert. An insert usually comes with a switch that you can use to turn the flame on and off. Gas catches fire instantly unlike wood which needs time to burn. You can increase or decrease the heat it produces by controlling the thermostat attached to the wall next to it.

Some inserts come with a timer that extinguishes the flame automatically. This is convenient if you live alone and tend to forget to switch things off.


A gas fireplace converts more than 75 percent of its fuel into heat energy depending on its efficiency. This easily beats wood’s efficiency of only ten to thirty percent. You can get even more heat with highly energy-efficient models. Some models come with fans that ensure that their heat spreads throughout the room.

Saves Energy

A fireplace only heats the room it’s installed in. This saves you the energy you would spend operating a central heating system that heats the entire house. Gas is considerably cheaper than electricity. Meaning you can save money on your utility bills.

Considerably Eco-Friendly

Modern fireplaces burn gas as cleanly as possible, emitting fewer fumes. It is thrice as energy-efficient as wood, making it eco-friendlier. A propane fireplace is considered an eco-friendly alternative to natural gas insert. Propane burns almost completely, emitting low levels of carbon dioxide and almost no wastes like sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxide.

While both propane and natural gas fireplaces are not completely eco-friendly, they have huge advantages over wood-burning.

Considerably Safe

The gas part might make you feel that it’s unsafe, but modern fireplaces are designed to prevent leakages. You still need to install gas and smoke detectors though.

The lack of logs means that you won’t have sparks flying out of the firebox and causing fire outbreaks. Inserts usually come with a screen that keeps the flame in. It also prevents children or pets from touching the flame and injuring themselves.

Mimic The Look Of Wood Fireplace

Gas fireboxes usually come with fire-resistant faux logs. These logs don’t burn but mimic the look of burning wood. Other elements like the surround and firebox design can also help you get the traditional look.

Several Style Options

Gas fireplace inserts can be installed with different types of surrounds from classic to futuristic. It comes with accessories like faux logs, glass stones, etc. You can customize it to match the home’s interior design.

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