How to Choose Booklet Design Options?

Posted by Rahul Shah on March 25th, 2021

A booklet is one of the most important offline marketing tools for most businesses. This traditional marketing collateral has been in the market for quite a long time. The reason why booklet printing is still preferred in the digital era is very simple. They are a tangible source of information for customers and prospects. Businesses can give a better insight into their products and services with the help of a booklet.

Printing a booklet is necessary if you want to have a direct connection with your clients. Booklet will talk about your company, its values, the services offered, and the differentiating factors. You can use either portrait booklets or landscape booklets to deliver eye-catching, useful, and targeted information about your business. Booklet printing is one of the best promotional tools to professionally brand your company and generate leads. There are multiple ways to use booklets. Businesses can use it as a storybook to narrate the story of their success, feedback of their satisfied clients, or how they managed a crisis. They can even use it as an instructional manual, a newsletter, or a catalog. The high versatility and visually-appealing characteristics make booklets one of the best marketing tools.

Today custom booklet printing is not as difficult as it was some 10 years back. There are several custom booklet printing services that operate online and have simplified the task of printing booklets. With so many web-to-print solutions operating in our country, booklet printing online in India is a stress-free task. Booklets are designed keeping in mind the growing competition in every sector. Irrespective of the business profile, one can print booklets online to reach their target audience and increase their brand awareness. However, only custom booklet printing will not help you achieve the desired impact. Your booklet design needs to be attractive enough to hold the attention of the recipient so that they go through the entire booklet. The reading span of people is decreasing with every other innovation, so you need a thoughtful design to make sure people see your efforts.

There is an array of choices when it comes to choosing the design of your booklet. So, you need to be very careful and select the right elements to design a perfect booklet. Here are some tips that you might want to incorporate while choosing the right design while printing booklets online:

  1. The thickness of the stock: You can decide the thickness of the stock depending on the purpose and the use of the booklet. Booklets that are intended to be used occasionally and are for premium use can be made of thicker card stock. It needs to be designed differently and the thickness will give it a premium look. While the other promotional booklets can be made of thinner card stock because it is for mass distribution and is for a specific purpose. The advantage of printing booklets with thinner stock is that you can print more booklets at the same price. However, whatever thickness of the stock you decide, make sure it is standard and compliments the reputation of your company.
  2. Colour scheme: It is very important to choose the right color scheme. You need to make your booklets attractive, so use the right colour combination. You must consider the occasion and the purpose for which the booklet is being printed. Depending on the content you can decide whether you want to go with bright colors or stick to sophisticated shades. Whatever colours you choose, make sure the content is readable and is pleasing to the eyes.
  3. Size: You can decide the size of your booklet depending on the intent and function. If it is for a particular event then you may use a smaller size but if it is some kind of instruction, you have to go with the larger size. Both small and large sizes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Small-sized booklets are highly portable and can easily be handed over to anyone, anywhere. The large-sized booklet allows more variations in design and can accommodate more content. 
  4. Graphics: It is always advisable to use some reference images and other graphics to make your booklets look more interesting. Pictures capture people’s attention and motivate them to read all the information. You can even use some patterns to make it look more appealing. Always use high-resolution photographs. Hire a professional photographer to capture the images. Do not add some random photos. Make sure the graphics used have some relevance to the content.
  5. Texts: Use simple and readable font type. The ultimate aim of your booklet printing is to make it readable so that it comprehensively conveys the message. Fancy font type breaks the flow of reading. The size of the font should be big enough to read. Use clear, concise sentences and avoid using any jargon. Always keep in mind your booklet is for the general public so make it accordingly.
  6. Special finishes: You can add a special coating to the stock to make it look premium and attractive. You can either make the pages matte or glossy. These effects give a special touch to your booklet. It will add class to your booklet and make it look professional.

Use the right combination of the above-mentioned elements to get the desired booklet design. If you are looking for an online booklet printing service, PrintStop is your perfect find. PrintStop offers custom booklet printing services to SMEs and large corporations. You get a wide range of designs and patterns to choose from. You can either choose from their ready-to-use templates or upload your design on their website. If you are planning something exclusive, you can take assistance from their design team. They have a bunch of talented people who will design the booklets according to your needs. So, pull up your socks and begin your next marketing campaign with custom booklet printing. Place your order now!

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