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Posted by Ali Tariq on March 25th, 2021

When you are planning to go camping with your family or friends, your first concern is what things you should bring with you on your outdoor trip. This is the important part because if you forget to carry important equipment such as camping tent, camping power lead, bedroll, etc., on camping, you might face a lot of problems. So must pay attention to this part and keep every important thing with you on this adventure. Here are a few cool gadgets that can help you complete your adventure without any problem.

The Super Solar Shower:

If you bring your own portable shower with you, then you don’t have to wait in the long queues at the campsite to take a shower. Even though this pack can take a little space in your backpack, it can hold 20 litres of water which is surprising. When you place it in the sun, the solar shower can warm the water within 3 hours. But it might be ideal for you if you want to take a shower first time in the morning. Having a shower after a long day out, walking and sightseeing can be refreshing. It also a perfect choice for those wilder campers who want to get back into nature instead of spending their time on traditional campsites. Camping beds NZ are also a good option on these sort of trips.

Inflatable Banana Carrier:

Some might not think of this as an important gadget, but it can help you keep squash bananas in your backpack. You might know that bananas are a great source of energy which is very important when you are on these types of hiking trips. But placing bananas in your bag can create a disaster in your bag and uneatable mush. That’s why to keep a banana carrier in your bag can make your favourite fruit still eatable when you need instant energy.

Wind-Up Phone Charger:

The wind-up phone charger can help you keep in touch with your partners even when you don’t have access to the power supply. You don’t need any cable or power lead to charge up your phone. You just need to crank the winder to charge your phone with the produced electricity. You can easily use the winder. Just a little force is needed, and people of all ages can use this device without any issue. It is always important to have a phone charger with you so that if you are in an emergency or trouble, you can call someone for help.

Head Torch:

This gadget might not be stylish, but it can be of great use when you are on a trip. When using this torch, your hands will be free, and you can carry any other thing. If you are putting your tent in the dark or cooking a night meal, a head torch is an extremely useful thing in this situation. If you are a fashion-conscious person, there are coloured and even sparkled head torches available in the market that you can buy and stand out from the crowd.

Solar Fairy Lights:

Why not create a festive atmosphere on your camping trips by putting solar powered fairy lights. These fairy lights need sunshine during the day so that they can light up your camping sites. With solar fairy lights, you will have a memorable evening barbeque or romantic night under the stars.

Emergency Phone Charger:

An emergency phone charger is essential for any kind of trip. It makes sure that your phone should be changed so that if an emergency arrives, you can get help quickly. The best thing about this charger is you don’t need any camping power lead to charge your phone. But this might become tricky for this device as well because you are camping for a week and don’t have enough electricity; this device might not work effectively. In these sorts of situations, even the best phone might run low on a battery. This amazing gadget can provide you with an extra 2 hours of battery that should be enough to get you to help if you are in a problem. You can have this battery and get an extra bit of life for your phone.

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