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Posted by malacehr on May 21st, 2015

Recruiting and hiring are two of the most important roles of human resource departments (and of companies, in general). It is also one of the most challenging task because it is humans you are managing. Other departments deal with other resources like products, materials, money, and data, but managing animate, thinking, and feeling humans is very different because people require special handling. People are emotional, they have minds that shift and no two persons are ever alike, which means different approaches are required. This is exactly why many HR professionals hire the help of employment agencies and staffing firms, thus helping them take out the bulk of a work, especially in terms of recruitment. Recruiting a staffing firm offers many advantages to hiring managers and businesses in general:

  • They provide flexible workers. 40-hour work weeks are no longer the norm. Employees nowadays demand flexible schedules, while businesses want workers only when they truly need them, thus eliminating the need to pay them when they don't. This is the kind of flexibility a business needs when replacing a worker on family leave or adding critical staff to start-ups, staffing a department for a short-term or seasonal project, or hiring part timers for temporary help. Doing recruitment for these kinds of needs can take a toll on in-house HR professionals, whereas staffing firms can almost instantly provide access to the very people the business needs.
  • They offer specialization. Staffing companies offer the added advantage of specialized knowledge on a wide range of jobs, which gives them the capability to scrutinize every possible candidate for every possible position that your company needs to fill.
  • They save time. In house, filling a single job opening can take months of lost production and stunted efficiency, more so when trying to recruit for highly specialized positions. In an effort to find the best person for the job, in-house recruitment managers will have to sift through hundreds of applications and resumes for every position and conduct tedious interviews, which also eats up the company's time and resources. Staffing agencies, meanwhile, have ideal candidates, a phone call away.
  • The save money. While hiring a staffing agency isn't exactly free, the savings your company will afford by simplifying the recruitment and hiring process through them is very significant, not to mention saving other resources that in-house recruitment expends.

About the Company:

Malace HR is a business staffing agency in United States offering the right jobs to the right candidates and recruiting for industries including automotive, manufacturing, logistics and engineering.They provide staffing services in two ways comprising, contract-to-hire and direct-hire. They connect the talented job seekers with real career opportunities. They expertise in the industry background and thus they successfully unite corporations and highly competent candidates.

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