American Urological Society 5/15-19 New Orleans, LA

Posted by PMLogistics on May 21st, 2015

With urology as its main advocacy, the AUA makes sure that it stays on top of things when it comes to this subject. It leads all other organizations out there that also dabble in the science of urology. It has been working on legislations as well as regulations to help out this branch of medicine be even better than it is today.

One of the top activities that the American Urological Society actually works on is the annual meeting. For the AUA 2015 annual meeting, the whole thing has been put together by the organization with the help of trade show transportation from Pyramid. Pyramid is also known as one of the top companies that provides trade show transportation as well as other logistics services to those who need such.

The whole event has already started last May 15th and will be continuing on until the 19th. It has a whole set of activities set out for the whole five days. One of the highlights of the AUA annual meeting would be the Crossfire: Controversies in Urology. This is a discussion where there will be debates that would be all about the best and controversial topics that surround the world of urology. It has already happened on the first day of the meeting and was quite a success.

Another highlight that a lot of attendees looked forward to was the Innovations in Urology discussion. This one happened on Saturday, May 16th, and it started at two in the afternoon and ended two hours later. Here, those who attended it were able to learn about all the innovations and developments that have been happening in the field. Those who had some kind of product or service that they wanted to share to the world, this was the perfect place for them to learn just how to make that become a reality. Discussed here were the processes that one took to be able to bring their development to the right people. How grant processes work as well as working on patents and going commercial were discussed here as well.

Aside from the discussions that were prepared for as well as talks given by the best resource speakers in the industry, attendees were also able to check out various products and services that were being showed off in the various exhibits in the place. If there were any questions regarding the product or service, they can easily ask questions and get answers from the company’s representatives themselves.

This annual meeting has been quite helpful for the field of urology. They have been able to work on helping practitioners provide better care for patients. If there are negative practices that need to be changed, this has been the proper avenue for them to discuss the situation at hand and provide solutions. As this is being done annually, they become updated with how things go and they are not left behind with regards to any changes that could affect the urology industry as a whole.

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