How School Bus Contractors Can Benefit From Using Surveillance Cameras?

Posted by Aaeesha on May 21st, 2015

Are you a logistics provider looking to expand your business into providing transportation for schools? Then you definitely have to take a second or maybe even a third look at the safety features that you have installed in your vehicle. Apart from seat belts and devices that prevent the driver from over speeding, you should also think of setting up a school bus surveillance system. This GPS-enabled system will allow the contractor, school management as well as parents keep a close check on the vehicle when it’s on the road. 

Wondering how this GPS-enabled surveillance system works? You can set up cameras in the school bus at pivotal points that will allow you to have a clear view of the entire bus, from the driver seat to the last seat. When the child enters the school bus, the surveillance cameras are triggered. They are connected to a dedicated control center that keeps track of every piece of video track captured by the cameras on-board. It will also allow administrators to keep a tab on child entry or exit. So, they will be able to easily find out if the child has boarded the bus and if he/she has stepped out of the bus at the correct stop. There are many other features and functionalities of a school buy surveillance system that will help improve the child’s security while traveling to and from school. 

So, how does setting up school bus surveillance cameras benefit you as a bus contractor? By setting up a security system in your vehicle, you can convince the school management that you are dedicated in providing a secure means of transport for the students. Also, you will be able to build the trust of the parents and school management about the safety of your vehicle. There are many other advantages for bus contractors when they set up a school bus surveillance system. As a contractor, you will be able to keep a tab on the drivers to check if they’re driving rashly or are not following the set routes. The surveillance system will also allow you to check if the vehicle is being used for other purposes during off time as the GPS will capture all the vehicle movement. Using the data gathered from the dashboard and the reports, you will be able to set up a driver ranking report, which will come handy when you’re giving increments to your drivers. Or when you want to sack them for rash driving, the evidence collected by the surveillance cameras can be very useful. No matter how you look at it, setting up school bus surveillance will help you improve your business.

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