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Posted by vendelajar on May 21st, 2015

When someone is criminally accused, it is a tough time for them. This serious moment must not be taken lightly. Such criminal cases have punishments, which may include fines and imprisonment.

The criminal laws are very complex and once you get in such situation, it is best to hire a reputable attorney to represent your case. In addition, you must check if the lawyer you hired has specialized in the type of case, you are hiring them.

What your strategy must involve?

It is hard to control the situation when you or someone close to you have been accused of a criminal act. However, you need to keep patience and decide with a cool mind. We all know that anyone who is accused have their chance to get all legal defense so as to avoid or reduce penalties. Therefore, you need to have a defense strategy, i.e. to hire a Criminal defense lawyer who has a good grasp of the rules of criminal procedure and the defenses available under the criminal code. They need to research whether your case involves self-defense, insanity and the exercise of a lawful authority or order.

Some of the basic principles that are followed by all defense lawyers include

Assumption of Innocence

Anyone is considered innocent until the prosecution proves them guilty apart from just doubting on them without proof. It is the task of a prosecution to present the case along with sufficient proof, so that the guilt of the accused is proved.

Now if the prosecution fails to present any evidence, then the lawyer need not find any evidence to prove that their client is innocent. Due to the lack of evidence it is already clear that the criminal act is not performed which means that the accused is innocent. It is important that your lawyer checks through your overall case as they need to have a defense plan in order to make careful assessment.

Double threat

Double threat or double jeopardy is nothing but to check if a person is not accused of the same problem twice. No criminal can be punished twice for the same mistake. This is something that hardly anyone of us knows. Hence, it is the task of your lawyer to ensure that you are not being tried or are in danger of being punished twice for the same offense.

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