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Posted by picasoth on March 25th, 2021

The technique of use is one of the hottest trends of next 2021. The brightest thing that is causing controversy today is the watch, or rather the smartwatch. There are a variety of out-of-the-box concepts and devices on the market, but we don't have a watch that comes close to the image of a perfect smartwatch, a product that is loved by the public around the world, whatever equipment people want. Choose a beautiful and Best Smartwatch Under 5000 with it. The Galaxy Gear, recently unveiled by Samsung, has a lot of downsides to being recognizable. Let's try to draw a picture of the perfect smartwatch. How would that be?


You have a smartphone and maybe you have a tablet. Maybe you have a separate media player. Do you like the idea of ​​another device's battery being charged every day? The creators of the Galaxy Gear thought this wasn't a big deal. Our opinion is the opposite. We are used to rechargeable batteries that may not work all day, but we don't want the same for our watches. Do you get energy once a week? Maybe. Once a day? It is a joyous hope.

Universal Designed

This is a very subjective point because tastes are different and the design of the Galaxy Gear may not be to everyone's liking. It's great to create something that looks good on your wrist when you're wearing a suit. It should be noted that we have different hands and we choose watches of different sizes and styles to suit us.


The existing models of such watches mainly complement the most functional and powerful devices and services of their ecosystems, which are collectors of functions and data from other smart devices. The Galaxy Gear is currently compatible with a limited number of Samsung Android smartphones and phablets. If you want your product to become mainstream with all the diversity of Android, such a restriction is not good news. And if Apple finally decides to launch a smartwatch, the compatibility question won't be too difficult because Apple knows how to polish its products and services.


We are used to the one-year life cycle of smartphones and tablets, especially in the case of Apple. But in just one year since we bought the current watch, do we need a new version of the smartwatch? Especially if the platform updates, for example, cause serious complications of use after two or three years. People tend to get used to old watches and don't like to change them. If you were one of those people, would you react differently to a smartwatch?


Smartwatches sync with mobile devices and are simply accessories, but they must be self-contained. We don't need high-end specs or power-hungry processors. Better to get rid of unnecessary features that work great on a smartphone. You don't have to invent something new to be controlled by a watch, just make sure it works better and performs better than other mobile devices. Want to read and send emails on the 1.3 "- 1.5" screen? 

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